Spanish Tutor DC Now Offering Spanish Language Lessons for Service Employees

Washington, DC, March 08, 2012 --( Leading Washington, DC based Spanish language specialists Spanish Tutor DC have announced that they have introduced a new option to their catalog language tuition courses for business. The company will now be offering Spanish lessons to their client’s service employees so that companies can ensure that they are directly meet their customers’ core linguistic needs with service personnel who have effective communication skills.

With Spanish speakers in the United States on the rise, Spanish in the United States is spoken by 37 million people aged 5 or older and these numbers are set to increase, and have doubled in growth since 1990 ( What this means is businesses must now adapt their services to be able to conduct operations in both English and Spanish. And expert teaching organizations such as Spanish Tutor DC are providing the ideal instruction solutions.

Spanish Tutor DC offers companies affordable lessons at their chosen office location so that employees can learn the nuances of the Spanish language in an immersive environment in which only Spanish is spoken during class time. And to ensure that businesses get the most value, the first class provided by the team at Spanish Tutor DC is free. This free class also works to help the tutor better align their teaching methodology with the unique skill levels of class participants.

To learn more about this solution from Spanish Tutor DC, contact their in-house course specialists today.

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