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PlanPlus Releases New Review Process to Advisors

PlanPlus Inc. is pleased to announce the release of a new review process module within their financial planning program.

Toronto, ON, Canada, March 08, 2012 --( The new module, known as The Progress & Accountability Review Process, was rolled out through Investment Planning Counsel (IPC) to its 900 Advisors March 1. IPC Advisors utilize Dream Planner, the firm’s web-based financial planning system, to create and deliver financial planning solutions to their clients. Dream Planner, which is integrated into IPC’s Advisor Office platform, was developed using the PlanPlus Planit software system.

“The Progress & Accountability Review Process enables Advisors to review all major aspects of a client’s financial plan from a single platform,” said Shawn Brayman, President of PlanPlus. This includes reviewing an investor’s net worth and cash flow, savings and debt repayment plans, as well as their investment and insurance needs,” added Mr. Brayman.

Advisors can use the new module to capture a snapshot of their client’s financial situation over single or multiple time-periods. For example, the ability to capture information from historical plans and accounts allows Advisors to ascertain if their client has followed an established savings or debt repayment plan.

The roll-out of the Accountability & Review Process module follows a 12 month collaborative effort with IPC to design a review process that is both functional and effective. This effort has yielded a system that gives IPC Advisors the ability to effectively track their client’s progress as well as measure trends and results from one review period to the next.

“We are pleased to be a partner on this industry leading initiative,” said Reggie Alvares, Executive Vice President of Operations & Information Services at IPC. “What distinguishes the Progress & Accountability Review Process from other review solutions is its ability to capture, evaluate and review all aspects of an investor’s financial well being. This makes it one of the most comprehensive review processes available in the market today,” Mr. Alvares added.

The Progress & Accountability Review enables IPC Advisors to visually illustrate the progress of an investor’s financial plan and display how an established plan is working towards achieving their set goals. In turn, it allows Advisors and investors to hold each other accountable to a financial strategy that they established together.

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