Use 24/7 Card to Send Cash Gifts to the Graduate in Your Family

24/7 Card is a great way to let your graduate know how proud you are.

Makati, Philippines, March 10, 2012 --( It’s graduation season, and it’s time to recognize the hard work of the new family graduate.

24/7 Card is a great way to reward graduates' achievements.

24/7 Card is the all-new Visa Prepaid Debit and Remit Card that makes sending money home faster, easier and more secure.

More than just giving the gift of cash, it is giving the new grad the gift of choice. Recipients can easily purchase items off their wish lists – in stores or online, wherever Visa is accepted – without senders having to worry about pricey shipping costs. Whether it’s new clothes, a new car or tuition for graduate school, 24/7 Card helps loved ones get the gifts they want.

The Smarter Way to Bank and Send MoneyTM, 24/7 Card has become one of the trendiest reloadable prepaid cards on the market. Supported by eight-division world boxing champion, Manny Pacquiao, 24/7 Card works just like a debit card, but also allows more convenient and cost-effective money transfer – for as low as $5.95 per remittance. It’s the power to shop and send money in one card.

24/7 Card is safer to carry around than cash. It is also like carrying a piece of home. Card holders won’t need to carry cash anymore, but if needed, 24/7 Card allows holders to withdraw from millions of ATM locations worldwide, as well as pay bills online – free.

Plus, 24/7 Card holders can earn easy cash when they refer a friend to 24/7 Card: Every successful referral means a $10 bonus in their 24/7 Card account.

After spending sleepless nights studying and working hard to earn that diploma, graduates truly deserve a reward that they’ll always treasure. A 24/7 Card is the best gift to give on their graduation and to celebrate other milestones in the family.

Sending money from abroad used to be stressful and tedious, but times have definitely changed now; there’s an easier, more convenient way to do it. These days, it’s as easy as availing the services of a reliable company like 24/7 Card. There’s no need to stuff hard-earned cash into envelopes and hope against hope that it will reach its destination. Anyone can now send money in a smart, safe, and easy way with the 24/7 Card. For as low as $5.95 per remittance – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – online or by phone, anyone can send money to loved ones from the comfort their own homes. Forget standing in line at money transfer facilities and filling out forms; apply for 24/7 Card debit card online today.

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