Black Rose Writing Presents Stone the Devil by Jac Simensen (Author of Black Mamba)

“A sizzling adventure… Pushes hard on the accepted definitions of good and evil.” – A.A. Kelly, author of Harpooned

Punta Gorda, FL, March 09, 2012 --( A Thriller torn from today's middle-east headlines

Two wealthy, Americans, a billionaire defense contractor and a retired Air Force Major General, fear that Iran is within months of possessing a nuclear armed missile and are frustrated with Washington’s inaction to counter Iran’s threats to destroy Israel and attack America. The men decide to take matters into their own hands and bankroll a clandestine intervention in the region; a violent assault that will drastically transform the balance of power in the Middle-East to the advantage of the United States… and with no American ‘boots on the ground.’

Through his charismatic but often contradictory characters, and just below the surface of the crackling adventure, Simensen lays out a critical examination of naked power; the cynical and often cruel power assumed by men and institutions who believe their cause is above the law and conventional morality.

For most of his adult life Jac Simensen has lived and worked outside of the United States in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, London, Frankfurt and the Middle-East. Stone the Devil is Jac’s fourth novel. He and his wife Annie live on the water in South Florida.

Now available for review request (both hard copy and electronic). Purchase from and many other online bookstores, including electronic book versions. The book is also available for direct order via the Ingram Book Catalogue, Books in Print, Baker & Taylor. ISBN # 978-1-61296-089-0.

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