OSCManuals Publishes ShowMe Guides(tm) Loaded Commerce 6.5 User Manual Today

A free, four-chapter preview of the book is available, and includes a free Admin Menu Cheatsheet, Quick Install Guide & 30-Minute Quick Setup Guide.

Austin, TX, March 09, 2012 --(PR.com)-- The "ShowMe Guides(tm) Loaded Commerce 6.5 User Manual" was published today by popular Open Source eCommerce author Kerry Watson. This is Watson's seventh book in the Loaded Commerce (formerly CRE Loaded) book series, having previously written the user manuals for 6.15, 6.2, 6.3 and 6.4 versions, co-authored a CRE study guide for schools with Jessica Sebastian, and co-authored a CRE advanced programmer manual with former CRE project manager David Graham.

Online store owners who want an easy-to-learn program with a ton of advanced sales features at their fingertips will delight in using the Loaded Commerce 6.5 program. To start, most advanced features can be turned off in the private Administration panel. But when ready for more, the hundred or so cool extra features can be turned on one by one with a push of a button.

The Loaded Commerce 6.5 eCommerce program helps make it easy and inexpensive for these online merchants to meet strict "PCI compliance" security standards, because payment processing is done off-site at a super-high security payment hosting center that looks exactly like the merchant's website. Watson helps walk the reader through the payment choices so it is not a difficult decision.

The new book also covers all of the new features included in this version of the cart, including the home page slideshow, a new customer loyalty program points & rewards program, "Buy 1, Get 1 Free" promotions, the popular MailBeez after-sale contact management system, incentiBox social media rewards program and many additional reports.

While the program comes in three versions - free CE 6.5 Community Edition, paid PRO 6.5 and B2B 6.5 (Business-to-Business) versions, the book includes instructions for all three versions, each clearly marked for the version. This makes it easy for store owners to decide to upgrade.

A free, four-chapter preview of the book is available, and includes a free Admin Menu Cheatsheet, Quick Install Guide & 30-Minute Quick Setup Guide.

In addition to covering every menu of the program, the full user manual includes bonus material:

- List of recommended web hosts that will install the program for free
- How and where to hire technical pros to help you with your store
- How to install a professional template
- Online Security and Records Management.
The book and free preview chapters are available in downloadable format today from the website OSCManuals.com, and in paperback on Amazon.com.

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Kerry Watson has been writing about open source ecommerce (OSC) programs since 2003 when the first osCommerce User Manual was published. Her popular ShowMe Guides(tm) book series shows busy people what to do in clear, fully-completed screenshots. Watson has published over a dozen books on the many OSC programs available, including OpenCart, Magento, Zen Cart, osCmax, and more. Visit her website at www.oscmanuals.com.

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