BeeRaider Launches Radical New Keyboard Design for Android Tablets and Smartphones

Drogheda, Ireland, March 09, 2012 --( An Irish SME start-up has developed a radical new keyboard design. It is suitable for both physical and virtual integration with all current mobile devices. For physical implementations, the new design's main advantages over standard QWERTY keyboard offerings lie in its small footprint size and its ability to offer the full-set of desktop-keyboard keys without reduction in keycap-area-size.

In designing the new keyboard, the aim was to create a design that would be both logical and ergonomic for the purpose of efficient data entry. BeeRaider first considered abandoning the standard QWERTY layout altogether but finally decided that they could offer both an optimised (alpha-character efficient) layout along with the standard QWERTY alpha-character layout in their first product, which is an App for Android Tablet and Smartphone devices. More detailed design information is available at BeeRaider's website: ( The website also contains a video showing a demonstration of the company's Android App. In addition, it provides a 3D animation showing a physical implementation of the new keyboard design.

In one instance, the keyboard's alpha-characters have been optimised in accordance with their frequency of occurrence in the use of the English language. Ergonomic considerations can be seen in the manifestly simple but effective final bee-like shape of the new keyboard's layout, a shape that all users, even children, will readily relate to. This same optimised layout and ergonomic shape also allows users to type using either one or both hands as preferred.

Testing shows that the new keyboard's efficient alpha-character layout can be memorised in as little as 10-20 minutes. The alpha-characters would be those characters/keys that most people would type on, most of the time. The new keyboard design scales down while still maintaining keycap-size and it manages to do this without sacrificing any of the keys seen on a full-character-set desktop keyboard. Because of this and its many other design advantages, it's expected that this will greatly facilitate improved user typing speeds. Its ability to scale well makes the new keyboard design particularly suited for portable devices. BeeRaider contends that its new keyboard design solves the problem of cramped small keys on portable devices such as Netbooks and Laptops. The new keyboard design is suitable for integration with all mobile and non-mobile devices currently using the standard QWERTY keyboard design. As demonstrated by its new App, the design can also be implemented as a virtual representation on Smartphone and Tablet devices with touch-screen technology.

BeeRaider believes that their radical new keyboard design represents something of a landmark in the development of Human Interface Devices where data-entry by keyboard is concerned. Unlike the QWERTY keyboard design, the new Keyboard design is logical, efficient, ergonomic and compact. In short, a keyboard designed for the 21st century.

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App/Keyboard advantages:

Logical, User Friendly
Efficient, Easy to use
Ergonomic, Looks great

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