AIR to Showcase the Latest Technology in Wireless Communication at the Prestigious IWC Expo in Las Vegas 2012

American International Radio, a leading provider of professional communication solutions, mobility and IT Applications for Mission Critical, Governmental Organizations and Industrial Sector is launching 4 new solutions at the International Wireless Communications Expo in Las Vegas this week.

Las Vegas, NV, March 09, 2012 --( American International Radio (AIR) has announced that it will launch 4 new solutions at the prestigious IWCE. The event is scheduled to be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center on the 22nd and 23rd of this month with the biggest names in wireless and communications exhibiting their latest technology.

AIRs latest offerings will be mainly targeted toward security establishments and organizations running mission critical projects. Mr. Dorel Nasui, President and CEO of the Illinois based company said in a statement, “AIR understands that in a dynamic technology environment, innovation and customer centric solutions are keys to implementing communication strategies successfully. We are excited about the new product launches which we believe will not just benefit the end-user but our channel partners in EMEA who with their expanded product portfolio can offer industry leading solutions to their customers. We will be launching TRBOPROS radio programming services, SafeGuard, ECOS AIR Simulcast and AIRTRBO RDS during IWCE 2012.”

TRBOPROS Radio Programming Services allows channel partners and end customers programming of MOTOTRBO digital radios, TETRA, MPT and Analog radios in a few clicks. The solution will give access to generic and customized code plugs, centralized database for code plug storage and follow-up & system performance optimization on both radio level and system level.

SafeGuard uses TETRA as the technology platform combining all the advantages of a modern voice and data communication system. It is equipped with a real time guard tour system, option board and various alarms such as man-down, no-motion and emergency that can be monitored by a dispatcher. An array of active checkpoints transmitting identification signals pin point the exact position on the map. Up to 1000 radios can be monitored at the same time.

The ECOS AIR Simulcast solution for DMR offers a controlled, easy and seamless migration from a conventional analogue to digital network, making possible the use of a limited number of frequencies for wide area coverage, starting with only one frequency pair. This technology reduces the number of frequencies required regardless of the number of radio sites in the system.

The AIRTRBO Rapid Deployment System has taken Motorola’s MOTOTRBO to the next level by transforming them into a transportable system. The system is ideally suited for mission critical and emergency situations. AIR expects the AIRTRBO to be widely adopted by military and security establishments due to its easy transportability and ease of installation in the field. The external paneling allows all needed connections such as RF, Ethernet, USB, AC/DC Power to be done with the case closed and the unit has a fan based ventilation system. It is compatible with 25W or 40W/ 45W repeaters.
AIR sources also added that it is working towards new value added solutions for vertical markets such as power plants, manufacturing and oil & gas.

AIR is working towards new value added solutions for vertical markets such as governmental organizations, military, prisons, first responders, ambulance, mission critical organizations, power plants, manufacturing and oil & gas, transportations, constructions and many more. The company is also looking at adding to its existing network of channel partners and positions itself as the preferred solutions provider for professional communication requirements globally. AIR hopes to address specific communication requirements of customers at the expo through its latest technology offerings.

About American International Radio

AIR is a premier technology company, Motorola’s largest Distributor in the EMEA Region (2007-2011) and System Integrator providing Professional Communication Solutions and Mobility & IT Applications for Public Safety, Government, Commercial, Industrial and Transport sectors. AIR began in 1990 and has since grown to direct offices in 9 countries and partners in over 60 countries all over the world, including U.S.A, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. AIR corporate headquarters is located in Rolling Meadows, Illinois.

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