Collectible Coins Retailer The Patriotic Mint Introduces Its High-Quality Colorization Process to Consumers

The Patriotic Mint is now offering limited-edition colorized coin sets for hobbyists and collectors.

Cedarhurst, NY, March 09, 2012 --( Coin collecting retailer The Patriotic Mint, an online specialty shop that connects enthusiasts with both rare pieces and limited-edition collectible coins, recently announced an increase in its inventory of high-quality colorized coins. Available online at, the seller’s stock of colorized coins includes both special-edition pieces honoring athletes as well as national park quarters and other government-produced coins that have been enhanced to appear glowing and vibrant. Now accessible at discounted price points, the coins will only be sold on the site for a limited amount of time.

Many of the colorized coins featured by the specialty merchant are collectible pieces honoring illustrious athletes, beloved musicians, and renowned politicians. The most recent addition to The Patriotic Mint’s inventory of collectible coins is its line of Jeremy Lin-themed merchandise. Lin, the much-heralded new point guard playing for the New York Knicks, has lately inspired “Linsanity,” a frenzy of fandom in response to his staggering athletic abilities. For only $19.95, The Patriotic Mint has recently made available its Jeremy Lin Silver Coin Card. Placed in an acrylic coin holder with color images and a bio of Lin, the 39 mm minted silver-plated commemorative coin features a team logo on one side and a color image of Lin on the other. Other sports-themed colorized coins include a Cal Ripken Jr. gold-plated state quarter, with his colorized portrait and signature in place on the coin’s front, now on clearance for only $3.95.

The Patriotic Mint also carries an additional line of commemorative colorized coins honoring popular singers and other entertainment figures. For fans of Michael Jackson, the coin collecting retailer has on offer five different coin sets featuring the King of Pop, which begin at an affordable $24.95. The most economical option, a three-piece set, comes with an elegant black display case; the quarters, struck in .750 copper and .250 nickel bonded to an inner core of pure copper, feature colorful images of Jackson from the 1980s, ’90s, and 2000s. The Patriotic Mint also features collectible coins commemorating figures ranging from Dale Earnhardt, Jr. to Elvis Presley, as well as popular presidents like John F. Kennedy and Barack Obama.

For coin collecting enthusiasts, The Patriotic Mint additionally specializes in colorized national park quarters and other government-issued coins that have been embellished to enhance their appearance and make them particularly appealing commemorative items. The products begin with a Colorized Eisenhower Dollar, which was one of the first large dollar coins minted in the United States, and is a treasured piece of national history. The reverse of the coin, featuring a bald eagle, has been colorized to incorporate a bright color palette. Now available for only $2.95, the coin is a beautiful and affordable piece of history. The Patriotic Mint also stocks a very wide selection of state quarter colorized coins in response to the U.S. Treasury’s special edition coin series, available in varying price denominations in order to make the coin sets accessible to all.

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Mark Etinger