osCommerce Online Merchant 2.3.1 User Manual Launch Party Today

Honoring the release of author Kerry Watson's third book in the osCommerce series, osCommerce Online Merchant 2.3.1 User Manual. Four free preview chapters are available on oscmanuals.com.

Austin, TX, March 09, 2012 --(PR.com)-- The "ShowMe Guides(tm) osCommerce Online Merchant MS 2.3.1 User Manual" launch party was held today honoring popular Open Source eCommerce author Kerry Watson. This is Watson's third book in the osCommerce book series, having previously written the user manuals for the osCommerce MS 2.2 and osCommerce MS 2.1 versions. Her first book on osCommerce was published in 2003 and has been published continuously ever since.

The free osCommerce ecommerce program has been around since the year 2000, making it the grand-daddy of most ecommerce programs written in the PHP computer language. While the program remains relatively small and lean compared to other, "Loaded" osCommerce versions available under the GNU Public License, its small size is prized by many purists and developers.

Because it has been around for so long, there are many thousands of add-on extensions allowing it to be infinitely customizable for the needs of the online merchant with the help of an experienced developer.

In addition to its excellent standard features, osCommerce MS 2.3.1 also allows the store owner to upload one photo, and the program automatically resizes it in small, medium and large photos while leaving the original unchanged. A new template system makes it easy to install a professional template purchased from a template website like TemplateMonster or Algozone. It also includes moderated product reviews, and side boxes that can be turned on or off and moved with a few clicks in the private Admin.

The new book covers every menu of the program, new as well as old features. The manual is written for new osCommerce users who have no graphics or programming skills. All you need are some product photos and a store logo, and a willingness to try something new.

A free, four-chapter preview of the book is available, and includes a free Admin Menu Cheatsheet, Quick Install Guide & 30-Minute Quick Setup Guide. If you like the free materials, purchase the full manual.

In addition to covering every menu of the program, the full user manual includes bonus material:

- List of recommended web hosts that will install osCommerce for free
- How and where to hire technical pros to help you with your store
- How to install a professional template, and
- Online Security and Records Management.

The book and free preview chapters are available in downloadable format today from the website OSCManuals.com, and in paperback on Amazon.com. Get the free preview chapters at http://oscmanuals.com/oscommerce-online-merchant-user-manual-p-203.html

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Kerry Watson has been writing about open source ecommerce (OSC) programs since 2003 when her first osCommerce User Manual was published. Her popular ShowMe Guides(tm) book series shows busy people what to do in clear, fully-completed screenshots. Watson has published over a dozen books on the many OSC programs available, including OpenCart, Magento, Zen Cart, osCmax, and more. Visit her website at www.oscmanuals.com.

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