Radiation Tolerant Cameras and "In Containment" Video Surveillance Systems are the Focus of Nuclear Power Plant Meeting

Radiation tolerant cameras and "in containment" video surveillance systems for nuclear reactors are evaluated by nuclear power plant personnel from throughout Europe. ISEC Industrial Security AB focuses on nuclear safety and increased production time.

Stockholm, Sweden, March 10, 2012 --(PR.com)-- ISEC Industrial Security AB of Sweden together with Forsmark nuclear power plant hosted an event that brought together over 20 nuclear power plant operators, engineers, safety evaluators and management from power plants throughout Europe. The event was designed to provide valuable insight into the areas of safety and optimizing production time, through utilizing video surveillance within radioactive environments. The meeting also allowed personnel from nuclear power plants outside of Sweden to see not only how things are done in Swedish nuclear power plants but to also provide a forum that would allow for an efficient exchange of information as well as addressing concerns.

The event started with an informative presentation from the VP of Forsmark where issues such as safety, outages, and operational questions were addressed. The presentation was followed by a tour of the control room within Forsmark 3 where the group was able to see first- hand the benefits of having a robust video management system complete with RADCAM (ICM2009) radiation tolerant cameras, IVS3000 video matrices and the AVISS video management system.

Next the group was able to tour the equipment room where over 100 cameras from throughout Forsmark 3 converge into a bank of IVS3000 video matrices that are all being managed by ISEC's AVISS video management software, specifically designed for nuclear power plants. Attendees were allowed to see the operators maintenance station which includes the graphical user interface, joysticks, and recording servers.

A question and answer session took place after the equipment room tour where the group was addressed by an operator from Forsmark nuclear power plant. The operator went on to explain how the radiation tolerant cameras and video management system have lowered the radiation exposure time significantly for maintenance personnel as they can see the equipment that needs to be serviced before they enter the radioactive areas. The operator went on to explain how they also use the system to visually verify that the personnel are safe while performing maintenance, and to perform training for personnel.

Regarding the issue of increased production time, the operator explained that many un-planned outages have been averted by having the ability to "see" minor steam leaks, water leaks, oil leaks, and wettings that would normally lead to a shut down, had the operators been working without the surveillance system. "The entire surveillance system has paid for itself time and time again by allowing us to continue production while monitoring minor leakages. We can then address these issues during a scheduled outage rather than having an un-scheduled outage for a manageable leak."

The final day of the Forsmark event was held at the underground SKB site where the attendees were able to visit Sweden's future nuclear waste repository. The waste will be buried in tunnels drilled 500 meters (1,640 feet) underground in the bedrock in Forsmark, near the town of Oesthammar 200 kilometers (125 miles) north of Stockholm.

The event at Forsmark was seen as a huge success by ISEC, Forsmark nuclear power plant, and the international group of attendees. Another similar event is planned in the near future where nuclear power plant personnel from the United States and Asia have shown a great deal of interest.

"Forsmark nuclear power plant, which has a complete in containment video surveillance system from ISEC in all 3 reactors, was a natural choice when we were deciding which of our clients could host such an event. We were able to share this experience with operators, management, and safety supervisors who wouldn't have been able to access this type of video surveillance system without ISEC acting as an intermediary. We were happy to act as the bridge between these different nuclear power plants as we have been able to clearly show the advantages of using video surveillance within containment areas to increase both safety, and production time," says ISEC's CEO Niklas Barringer.

As the experts in the field of nuclear power plant video surveillance, ISEC has been able to, through their many years of experience, increase both safety and production time for nuclear power plants world- wide with the introduction of "in containment video surveillance". Detailed knowledge of nuclear power plant operations allows ISEC to recommend the proper placement of video surveillance equipment based on the type of nuclear power plant (BWR, PWR, CANDU, etc.), areas of interest, location of critical equipment and levels of radioactivity.

Forsmark is a Swedish nuclear power plant, located in the Uppsala region, east coast of Sweden, and operated by Vattenfall AB. Forsmark is one of the largest NPPs in the country and has around 970 employees. It is also the site of the Swedish Final repository for radioactive operational waste.

Forsmark began to produce energy in 1980 and now it produces one sixth of Sweden’s energy. It has three boiling water reactors: F1 with an ABB Atom BWR 69 at 2928 MW thermal and 1010 MWe net, F2 with an ABB Atom BWR 69 at 2928 MW thermal and 1010 MWe net and F3 with an ABB Atom BWR 75 at 3300 MW thermal and 1190 MWe net. Each of them produces the same amount of electricity as used by the whole of Stockholm and its neighboring municipalities each year. In total they generate approximately 20-25 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity a year.

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Anthony Spadaro