Beckendorf Gallery Offering New Products

Fredericksburg, TX, March 10, 2012 --( Beckendorf Gallery, a unique art gallery dedicated to the work of legendary Texan artist Charles Beckendorf, is proud to be offering new products for purchase through its online store and storefront gallery. The small prints representing the Texas Hill Country were created by Charles Beckendorf before his passing and has yet to be released.

One of Texas’ best-hidden treasures, Beckendorf Gallery, is proudly releasing posthumous work by beloved artist Charles Beckendorf. The new work was created before Beckendorf’s passing and includes a series of small prints dedicated to the Texas Hill Country.

For this series Charles mixed a solution of gesso and sand and coated drawing boards. After the boards were dry, he would draw his images with a pencil onto the rough texture. The images were then printed in black and white (the texture gives the image a "stone-litho" feel) on watercolor paper. This original print is very limited to an edition size of only 100.

This unique series was meant to be hand water colored, a task that is now undertaken by the artist’s son, Ben Beckendorf. Ben Beckendorf has been water coloring under his father’s supervision since 1968, which allows this posthumous series to be as authentic as possible.

Beckendorf Gallery is a true representation of Texas art. With a large collection of prints, drawings, water colored pieces, sculptures and books all created by legend Charles Beckendorf, this gallery has proven to be one of the most unique in its genre. Charles Beckendorf has dedicated his entire life to representing the wildlife and landscapes of Texas through his artistic eyes. Since his passing, Beckendorf Gallery is keeping his legacy very much alive by offering a welcoming space for art lovers to admire and acquire his very affordable, beautiful Texas artwork.

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