Global Warming or Global Mayhem? Operation Seeding Published by Outskirts Press.

Michael Andrisano’s new meteorological mystery makes murder the method of choice to protect the government’s secret dealings with HT Wetco a firm whose specialty is controlling the weather. Going undetected for sixty years until a greedy senator select discovers their secrets. While around it the forces of global greed and corruption continue to wrestle for control of the weather so they can also control the world.

Ledgewood, NJ, March 10, 2012 --( Novelist Michael Andrisano announced today the release of Operation Seeding, Rain, Rain, Go Away, Come Again Another Day, published by Outskirts Press. Andrisano’s new fiction thriller is rooted in real techniques for influencing the weather and shows how greed and corruption could destroy an otherwise benign force of nature and wreak havoc on unsuspecting populations.

It has been raining a cold, torrential, miserable rain for four months. One farmer among many watches as his house, his crops and his livestock are finally all washed away just before he himself is rescued. In his misery he cannot understand why God has been punishing everyone so.

God has nothing to do with it, though. One American company, HT Wetco, has learned how to reap the rewards from their life changing business of cloud seeding, and its past CEO, Bob Thurston, has understood that one small change in the global jet stream can bring populations to their knees as snow and rain ruin food supplies.

Someone else has caught on to how this company works, though, and Thurston isn’t willing to stand by while his life’s work is destroyed. He draws together an unusual group to make sure that his project will remain safe: one German assassin, one former Green Beret whose misguided loyalty to Thurston may lead to a presidential assassination. Standing in the way is a retired Army Colonel and a female FBI agent, whose real purpose is to expose Thurston at any cost.

Amidst the ensuing murder, intrigue and suspense, readers will get a new view of global warming as they continue to turn the pages and wonder what really is going on with the weather behind the dark curtains of global politics.

Operation Seeding is available on-line in paperback through Amazon and Barnes and Noble and at for a maximum trade discount in quantities of ten or more.

Format: 6 x 9 paperback white ISBN: 978-1-4327-8118-7 SRP: $16.95
Amazon Kindle $9.99
Barnes & Noble NOOK $9.99
Genre: Fiction/thrillers/alternative history/suspense

About the author;

Mike Andrisano is retired and living in New Jersey with his wife, two children and five grandchildren. Operation Seeding is a book that has developed over decades, and now that Mike is a full time writer, he is looking forward to publishing a sequel.

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