- Amazing Move Leaving Other Smoke Shops Behind

Nowadays when prices for traditional branded cigarettes in the US sky rocket every year emptying pockets of smokers, making one's own cigarettes became popular. online store is launching a new section on their website where customers now can shop for all the necessary components and accessories to make their own cigarettes at home.

Chicago, IL, March 11, 2012 --( During this economic downfall, people in the United States are trying to cut their expenses in all areas. Smokers have an additional expense which can't be cut off completely. People prefer to spend an extra half an hour in the evening rolling their own cigarettes than pay triple price for ready ones at local shops. This will not only give the pleasure of smoking the best tobacco, but also helps smokers to control their habit. More and more smokers these days shop for tobacco and tubes online turning their kitchens into temporary portable tobacco factories. When all the right ingredients and accessories are available, making one's own cigarette is very easy. It also gives the satisfaction that the cigarette is rolled by the person and in the process of rolling, chemical junk can be avoided. is a new website launched recently for anyone looking for different types of tobacco products like pipe tobacco, smoking pipes, smoking accessories, cigars, hookahs and hookah accessories at reasonable prices. Besides setting up affordable prices, the website administrators are constantly looking for ways to improve customer experience, and to invent new things in order to be ahead of other online stores. What could be new in a traditional tobacco selling online shop?

One of the ideas was to sell not only tobacco and empty cigarette tubes online, but also machines and all accessories for making cigarettes. Smokers don't have to derive pleasure just from smoking. They can spend their time in making their own smoke, which will certainly enhance the smoking experience. There is no need to create a small factory in the backyard for making cigarettes. With a few minutes, good quality cigarettes can be made with authentic tobacco. just announced the opening of a new section on their website called "Roll Your Own" (RYO). Now the website became one-stop online smoke shop for smokers who would like to make their own cigarettes in their leisure time. There are two basic kinds of Cigarette Making Machines: Injector Machines and Rolling Machines. Prices for cigarette making machines vary from $19.99 to $43.99. Those who don't want to complicate themselves with fancy looking machines can easily get RYO rolling papers which are simple and straightforward to use. The RYO tobacco wraps come in different flavors and smokers can choose how they want their smoke to be.

From the comfort of home, these RYO smoking accessories can be purchased online which can be used to make a smoke in a jiffy. Freshly rolled at your home shop cigarettes are much better than factory made cigarettes that often lose their potency in the local shop shelves. In the long run, rolling cigarettes at home with wholesale tobacco purchases can prove to be cost effective instead of purchasing factory cigarettes and the pleasure of smoking is doubled with cigarettes that are self-rolled.
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