Massively Parallel Technologies Inc. Expands Patent Portfolio to 430 Claims

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Phoenix, AZ, March 12, 2012 --( Massively Parallel Technologies, Inc. (MPT) today announced that it has expanded its international patent portfolio, raising the total number of its issued patent claims to more than 430. MPT's patent portfolio includes a number of core capabilities such as parallel processing, data movement, algorithmic transformations, and automated collection and distribution of payments. These patents address the growing gaps in application performance and management that are a result of the mismatch between how multicore chips and large-scale cloud infrastructures operate and how applications are created and delivered.

"These new patents further strengthen MPT's technology foundation and intellectual property portfolio," said Bobbi Hazard, CEO of MPT. They also provide the basis for MPT's Blue Cheetah application ecosystem strategy, a suite of software products that will revolutionize application development and delivery in cloud computing environments.

U.S. patent #7958194 covers the ability to maximize the performance of parallel applications in the cloud by balancing high and low speed processing and communication channels. This is an important consideration for cloud providers and data centers that build and refresh their infrastructure over time causing a mismatch of different speeds and capacity.

U.S. patent #7941479 includes the capability to automate the process of breaking up data sets and distribution and scheduling of computer programs for data-parallel applications.

The company currently holds six patents in the US and one in Japan, each making a number of claims. In addition, it has ten patents pending in the US, five in Japan, and five in Europe.

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