New Foamix US Patent: "Foamable Compositions, Kits and Methods for Hyperhidrosis" - First in Class Foam for Excessive Sweating

Foamix Ltd., a clinical-stage specialty pharmaceutical company, that is developing proprietary dermatological and gynecologic topical foam products, today announced that the company has been granted a new patent from United States Patent Office.

Rehovot, Israel, March 13, 2012 --( US Patent No. 8,119,109, entitled “Foamable compositions, kits and methods for hyperhidrosis” covers methods of treating excessive sweating, using an emollient foam formulation comprising a variety of anti-hyperhidrosis active ingredients.

Hyperhidrosis- A common discomfort
Hyperhidrosis is sweating in excess of that required for normal thermoregulation. Although any site on the body can be affected by hyperhidrosis, the sites most commonly affected are the palms, soles and underarms. It has severe physiological consequences such as cold and clammy hands, dehydration, and skin infections secondary to maceration of the skin. Hyperhidrosis can also have devastating emotional effects on one’s individual life. Approximately one third of individuals with hyperhidrosis report that their sweating is barely tolerable and interferes with daily activities.1

The prevalence of hyperhidrosis in the United States is 2.8% (7.8 million individuals), and 38% of hyperhidrosis sufferers seek medical advice.

(1) J Am Acad Dermatol (2004) 51:241-8.

Hyperhidrosis Foam- Optimal solution
Therapeutic options for hyperhidrosis range from topical therapy to surgery. Nonsurgical treatments include topical aluminum chloride, oral anticholinergics, iontophoresis and intradermal injection of botox. Surgical techniques for treatment of hyperhidrosis include endoscopic transthoracic sympathectomy, excision of axillary sweat glands, and axillary liposuction.

Foam is uniquely suitable for delivering active agents for the treatment of hyperhidrosis, as it spreads easily and absorbs rapidly into the skin. It serves as an ideal carrier for suspended and soluble active ingredients.

"We are very pleased with the USPTO's decision to grant this patent," remarks Dr. Dov Tamarkin, CEO of Foamix. "This patent will open the door for large consumer markets with a unique and innovative solution for hyperhidrosis."

About Foamix
Foamix Ltd. is a clinical-stage, privately held specialty pharmaceutical company, focused on the development of proprietary topical foams and OilGel™ products for dermatology, gynecology, wounds and burn applications, as well as ophthalmic disorders. Foamix collaborates with leading pharmaceutical companies in the creation of advanced products with improved convenience, higher compliance and better efficacy, which are backed by an extensive patent portfolio.

The Company’s development capabilities range from initial development of the formulations and analytical methods to scale-up, GMP manufacturing, preclinical and clinical studies.

Foamix has a strong in-house pipeline. The Company’s lead product, Topical Minocycline, is currently in Phase II clinical studies.

To date, Foamix has 13 issued patents in the United States, covering its foam and OilGel™ technology platforms. Additionally, the company has more than 140 patents and patent applications worldwide, of which about 60 applications are filed in the U.S.
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