Secondary Solid Standards Now Available for Turner Designs' UV Sensors

Sunnyvale, CA, March 14, 2012 --( Turner Designs is excited to introduce a UV Secondary Solid Standard for their Cyclops-7 Submersible Fluorometers. Instrumentation configured for UV analyses typically rely on the use of liquid standards, such as Quinine Sulfate, for ensuring instrument integrity. However, transporting and preparing liquid standards can be tedious and sometimes hazardous. The UV Secondary Solid Standard is compact, light weight, and safe to use as a convenient way to quickly check the stability of Turner Designs Crude Oil, Refined Fuels, Dissolved Organics (DOM), and Brightener/Whitener fluorometers. To ensure data integrity, the UV Secondary Solid Standard can be read both before and after deployment or a sampling event. And, establishing a correlation between a primary standard’s known concentration and the UV Secondary Solid Standard’s signal eliminates the ongoing need for costly and time consuming liquid calibration standards.

Company Information:
Turner Designs provides innovative fluorescence-based solutions for basic research, water quality and pollution control analysis, and industrial applications. Our focus has been fluorometry for over 40 years and we have worldwide distribution of fluorescence instrumentation. Turner Designs is known for rugged, reliable and stable submersible, field, handheld, laboratory, and in-line fluorometers and turbidimeters, varying in functionality, size, and price. Turner Designs provides presales support to identify instrument requirements and post-sales support to assist with implementation.
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