Using Turner Designs C-FLUOR for Algal Culture Growth Monitoring

Monitoring algal growth in test tubes without affecting algal cultures is a challenge for researchers. Turner Designs recently demonstrated an excellent solution to this concern using two of their standard products – C-FLUOR Chlorophyll probe with their In-Line Adaptor. Multiple algal... - May 01, 2020

Turner Designs C-FLUOR Probes Now Offer Digital Output

C-FLUOR probes are sensitive single-wavelength in situ fluorescence and turbidity instruments that are now available with a Digital Output option. ASCII data can be polled every 0.5 seconds or streamed at variable rates as fast as 16 readings per second. Combining a maximum requirement of 22mA... - March 12, 2020

Turner Designs Introduces a Lower Detection Limit Turbidity Plus Sensor with Integrated Wiper

Turner Designs’ Turbidity Plus sensor with Integrated Wiper now with lower detection limits. - October 17, 2019

Turner Designs Announces C-FLUOR Submersible Probes, Ultra Low-Power Sensors

Introducing the newest addition to the Turner Designs family of fluorometers, C-FLUOR Submersible Probes, Ultra Low Power Submersible Fluorescence and Turbdity Sensors. - April 25, 2019

ABS Certifies Ballast-Check 2 for Ballast Water Compliance Testing

Turner Designs’ Ballast-Check™ 2 is the first biological indicative compliance monitor to receive a Product Design Assessment (PDA) certificate from ABS. The PDA certifies that the Ballast-Check 2 is fit for purpose as marine specialty equipment. It was important to Turner Designs that... - August 08, 2018

New Ballast-Check 2 Data Reporting

Turner Designs recently developed new data reporting software which ensures data integrity as requested by Saudi Aramco. The new software writes Ballast-Check™ 2 results directly to a PDF report which cannot be altered. Saudi Aramco is now able to ramp up their use of indicative compliance... - March 25, 2018

DataBank Handheld Datalogger Now Includes Internal GPS

Turner Designs’ DataBank Handheld Datalogger now includes integrated GPS to identify measurement locations. - February 09, 2018

Ballast-Check 2 Approved by Saudi Aramco for Indicative Compliance Testing

Following detailed scientific and technical evaluation by the Environmental Protection Department of Saudi Aramco, the Turner Designs’ Ballast-Check 2 Handheld PAM Fluorometer (USA) is approved as a valid Ballast Water Sampling Instrument. Saudi Aramco will now accept results from certified... - November 30, 2017

PhytoFind in situ Algal Classification Simplifies Identification of Harmful Algae

Turner Designs’ PhytoFind Quickly Estimates Abundance of Algal Groups - July 29, 2017

Ballast-Check 2 Performs Well in California State Lands Commission Validation

California State Lands Commission (CSLC) recently completed a validation exercise of three indicative sampling tools while developing their draft compliance assessment protocols. They evaluated the sampling tools with three different ballast water treatment systems – one UV system and two... - April 22, 2017

CyanoFluor Handheld HAB Indicator: Early Warning of HAB Conditions

Turner Designs’ CyanoFluor Predicts the Onset of Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) - March 10, 2017

New Cyanobacteria-Sensitive Optics for Enviro-T2 In-Line Fluorometer

Turner Designs’ Enviro-T2 detects Cyanobacteria in a low-cost in-line monitor. - November 04, 2016

Turner Designs Partners with WSS to Sell Ballast-Check 2 for Quick, Indicative Compliance Monitoring of Ballast Water

Turner Designs partners with WSS to sell Ballast-Check 2. - September 09, 2016

Turner Designs New C6P Enables Up to 6 Integrated Sensors

Turner Designs C6P enables integration of up to 6 optical sensors in corrosion-resistant Delrin plastic housing. - March 26, 2016

Handheld Active Fluorometer Now Available for Quick Assessments of Photosynthetic Efficiency of Algae

Turner Designs’ AquaFlash Active Handheld Fluorometer enables quick field assessments of photosynthetic efficiency. - January 29, 2016

FluoroSense Handheld Fluorometer Now Available for Phycocyanin Estimates Aiding in the Identification of HABs

Turner Designs’ FluoroSenseTM Handheld Fluorometer enables quick & easy in vivo chlorophyll and PC estimates aiding in the assessment of Harmful Algal Blooms. - November 13, 2015

FluoroSense Handheld Fluorometer Ideal for Quick in Situ Chlorophyll Estimates

Turner Designs’ FluoroSense Handheld Fluorometer enables quick & easy in vivo chlorophyll measurements. - July 16, 2015

USCG/MARAD Validation Study of Ballast Water Compliance Tools Begins

The United States Coast Guard Research Development Center (USCG RDC) and the United States Maritime Administration (MARAD) co-sponsored a validation study of the effectiveness of variable fluorescence-based instruments as compliance tools for ballast water checks. The study began June 1st in Key... - June 13, 2015

New Submersible Logger for Turner Designs C-sense pCO2 Sensor

Submersible logger now available for Turner Designs C-sense pCO2 sensor enables extended sampling at up to 600m depth. - March 05, 2015

Turner Designs' Introduces Red Excitation Chlorophyll Sensor Ideal for Environments Rich in Organic Materials

Turner Designs’ Red Excitation Chlorophyll Sensor improves algal abundance estimates in DOM rich environments. - August 22, 2014

New in Situ Integrating Cavity Absorption Meter (ICAM)

Turner Designs’ new in situ absorption meter, ICAM, measures UV absorption and requires little or no correction for scattering. - February 21, 2014

New, Compact in Situ pCO2 Sensor (C-Sense)

Turner Designs’ C-sense enables pCO2 monitoring in a small, low-power configuration ideal for integration with monitoring systems. - February 14, 2014

DataBank Datalogger Now Available for Stationary Deployments

Turner Designs’ new DataBank Datalogger Station offers increased resistance to the environment for long-term stationary field deployments. - May 08, 2013

Cyclops Fluorometers Easily Integrated Into AUVs, Gliders & Floats

Turner Designs Cyclops Fluorometers now easily integrated into AUVs, gliders, floats and other platforms. - November 01, 2012

Cyclops-6K Submersible Fluorometer Now Available for Refined Fuels and Blue Green Algae

The Turner Designs 6000 meter submersible fluorometer is now available with refined fuels and blue green algae (cyanobacteria) optics. - June 11, 2012

Secondary Solid Standards Now Available for Turner Designs' UV Sensors

Turner Designs is excited to introduce a UV Secondary Solid Standard for their Cyclops-7 Submersible Fluorometers. Instrumentation configured for UV analyses typically rely on the use of liquid standards, such as Quinine Sulfate, for ensuring instrument integrity. However, transporting and... - March 14, 2012

Cyclops Submersible Fluorometer Now Available for 6000 Meter

Turner Designs is excited to introduce a 6000 meter version of their very popular Cyclops-7 Submersible Fluorometer. The Cyclops-6K is presently available for Chlorophyll, Crude Oil, and CDOM detection with more optical configurations available soon. The reinforced Titanium housing and specialized... - February 29, 2012

Turner Designs Introduces Enviro-T In-Line Fluorometer

Enviro-T is an accurate, single-channel fluorometer which installs into a plumbing tee for direct in-line measurements. The Enviro-T provides a 4-20mA output signal proportional to the relative concentration of the fluorophore of interest in the sample water. Initially configured to detect... - September 03, 2011

Turner Designs Introduces C-FINS for Real-Time Mapping of C3 Submersible Fluorometer Data

C-FINS integrates the C3 Submersible Fluorometer’s digital output with GPS data for data mapping. - March 10, 2011

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