"The Creation Myth" by David Seals

New volume of Science & Mythic-Poetry from the author of the book and popular film "Powwow Highway" (produced by George Harrison, of the Beatles), available on Amazon in paperback and kindle, in video and audio pre-production with StagePeaks.

Flagstaff, AZ, March 14, 2012 --(PR.com)-- "Arizona's own pagan 'Paradise Lost'" -- ASU Classics professor Dr. John Martinson.

" ... a dramatic, sweeping tale that successfully inspires ascension to a level of higher thought, which is the ultimate goal of all quality literature. A dynamic, highly thought-provoking read." -- Chelsea Perry, Apex Reviews

'The Creation Myth, in 138 pages of classical blank verse set in both historical and modern religious contexts, sweeps dramatically from the goat-Dionysos founding "Ur-christianity" in the days of Herod the Great at Caesarea Philippi, to the tragic love story of Isis and Osiris in predynastic Egypt, and then back to the gods and goddesses of the Grand Canyon and Colorado River Plateau. Comparing the Nile with the desert riversheds and basins of the American southwest, mankind struggles to grasp an understanding of "Who is God?" and "What is Death?"

Balancing this epic tragedy are the scientific writings of Flagstaff's famed astronomer Percival Lowell, who studied the Canals on Mars from his Observatory on Mars Hill from 1894 to 1916, photographing the planetary network of canals and oases constructed by an "advanced civilization of superior intelligence."

In two massive sections of the book, Part One studies in detail 'The Solar System' of current astronomical explorations from NASA not only in satellite probes and landers on the surface of the Red Planet, but also startling new explorers photographing signs of water and life on Venus, the Titan moon of Saturn, as well as Lowell's own astronomers discovering Pluto in 1930.
Similarities between the Martian Canals and terrestrial Crop Circles are also presented in detail, as well as Homeric Hymns explaining why the planets of our solar system are named after the deities of accurate mythology.

Poems from 4 Cantos are interspersed with the scientific non-fiction, suggesting the supernatural mystery behind so much of the creation of life in the Universe, as well as the further nature of death. In one section, quoting from 'Missing Universe' by Dan Hooper [Smithsonian Books], where 95% of the Universe is made up of invisible Black Energy and Black Matter, Physics has described an entirely new frontier that may well be a physical construct explaining "Heaven".

Part Two, 'The Gods', continues the cosmic journey of Osiris on Earth. He becomes known as Hades, God of the Dead in Greece, Jesus in Palestine, and the progenitor of the planet Pluto. He travels across Europe to the lands of Merlin in Bretaigne France and Wales, adding more mythical adventure stories of magickal life and death to the ancient hieroglyphics and sacred biblical writings; based on medieval histories of the Arthurian legends and Goddess religions.

Finally crossing the oceans, he arrives back in the sacred precinct of Flagstaff, founding the Native cosmogonies on the Colorado Plateau.

StagePeaks is in pre-production of the Audio Book, with the Author, as well as a television documentary series following the Epic in detail.

"Very disturbing, but in a good way, this revision of Judeo-Christian mythology, with an erudite, eloquent narrative sweeping from ancient Egypt and even Libya to modern Arizona, made us hold on to our intellectual seats like we were riding a wild roller-coaster. The audience at UA's Poetry Center, in Tucson, was stunned and thrilled at the same time by the professional reading of Mr. Seals, who obviously knows his stuff." - - University of Arizona Poetry Center Director Dr. Brenda Wiencke
David Seals