Flagstaff - And the "Abduction at Roswell," by David Seals

In paperback on Amazon under the newly revised titled of "Flagstaff," and on kindle as "Abduction at Roswell," is in pre-production by StagePeaks Theatrical Productions in Flagstaff, Arizona, and on Audio by the Author.

Flagstaff, AZ, March 12, 2012 --(PR.com)-- "In 'Abduction at Roswell' author David Seals takes the reader on a vicarious journey back to a time when the collective innocence and naivete of America came to a crashing halt - literally. Not only highlighting the general events and circumstances surrounding the infamous crash of supposedly alien ships in 1947 at the Roswell Air Force Base in New Mexico, Seals also entails the very personal impact that the crash had on his family - specifically his father, who was subsequently abducted by the visiting alien entities. Supported by official USAF documents, photos, transcripts, and other evidence, Seals makes a compelling argument regarding the truth of what remains one of the most controversial incidents in the history of the United States.

"If nothing else, 'Abduction at Roswell' makes for highly compelling reading. Whether you're a believer in alien life or not, Seals' powerful narrative proves hard to put down as he draws you deep into the hearts and minds of average, everyday people whose lives are forever altered by mysterious events they still struggle to fully understand. Furthermore, as the second volume in a literary collection of his family's ever-unfolding saga, 'Abduction at Roswell' provides the reader with a vivid glimpse into the inner workings of a familial clan learning to adjust to the sudden, often strange vicissitudes of life.
"Rife with profound philosophical subtext, 'Abduction at Roswell' is quite the intriguing, eye-opening read."

- - Dominique Sessons, Apex Reviews
David Seals