"The Herodeia Decalogue: Poems of the Pagan Revolution," by David Seals

Also under the kindle title of "Thunder Nation (The Creation Myth)," this is part of the prequel for Stage Peaks production under the overall title of "The Creation Myth"

Flagstaff, AZ, March 14, 2012 --(PR.com)-- "Throughout the pages of 'Poems of the Pagan Revolution' [one of the ten Epic volumes of 'The Herod Decalogue', and under the kindle title 'Thunder Nation'], author David Seals displays considerable skill in tackling a host of different topics and issues, ranging from modern gods and goddesses . . .[ to the shocking true Memoir of his family's confrontation with UFOs in Roswell, Flagstaff and Japan, in excerpts of his book 'Abduction at Roswell' . . . ].
"Throughout his inspired opus, Seals treats readers to a quite unique perspective on religion, philosophy, and life in general, encouraging them to maintain an open mind in the consideration of all things - no matter how profound or superficial they may seem.

"Culled from a host of previously published and unpublished works, the pieces in 'The Herodeia Decalogue; Poems of the Pagan Revolution' are not trite, condensed bites of poetic blandness; rather, they are striking and often jarring in nature, all designed to invoke higher, more sophisticated levels of thought in the reader. As such, while Seals may not aim to alienate the casual observer, his poetic musings certainly have the potential to do just that - not because he seeks to offend, but instead because he simply aims to help us break free from the established patterns of low-level thinking that prevent us from tapping into the nascent power that lies within each of us. As a seasoned, self-actualized philosopher in his own right, Seals merely endeavors, through his poetic reflections, to assist others in achieving the same goal.

"Thoroughly edifying, this book is an enlightening poetic volume rife with timely, inspiring insights." - - Wendy Paulson, Apex Reviews

Combining the personal narrative prose of "Abduction at Roswell" with the epic blank verse of "The Creation Myth," this volume adds the first 12 massive chapters of the modern War In Heaven between the Osireian gods against the malevolent Imposter deities of Jehovah-Christ-Allah, in the modern terrestrial struggles between Good & Evil, gods vs. goddesses, pagan theogony vs. Biblical.

Available for $12 in paperback on Amazon, and $8.99 in kindle under the title "Thunder Nation (The Creation Myth")
David Seals