Insure4USA Explains Why Short Term Car Insurance is Important When Traveling

Columbus, OH, March 14, 2012 --( Many drivers are compelled to drive out of state from time to time and require short-term car insurance to ensure they are well covered from any risks. Car insurance is mandatory and driving without proper insurance can lead to severe consequences and subject a motorist to liability worth thousands of dollars if they do not posses adequate insurance. In a recent article published by Insure4USA, a leading online insurance service, the company highlights the importance of short-term car insurance when travelling and the benefits of this type of insurance.

One of the major reasons why short-term car insurance is essential is that every state has different policies when it comes to car insurance and failure to meet their requirements can prove costly and result in the revocation of the driver's license. Alex, CEO of Insure4USA says, "Most motorists are aware of long-term car insurance that carries a validity of 6 months or more. On the other hand, short-term car insurance can be purchased from 1 day to 6 months and is usually an option for renters or owners who travel with their automobile out of state. The important thing for a driver to decide the risks involved prior to opting for short term insurance. The weather conditions in the state you are traveling to, night driving, the person driving other than the car owner and the type of parking, are among the factors that can influence short-term car insurance coverage and premiums."

The article by Insure4USA stresses the importance for additional coverage when opting for short-term car insurance. It is essential to consider the weather conditions and opt for additional coverage in case of adverse weather conditions in the state to which a motorists is traveling. For example, when traveling from a sunnier state like Florida to a state that experiences more snowfall, it would be prudent to opt for additional coverage to cover any risks. Alex adds, "It is common that friends or relatives may also drive your car on long hauls, which makes it important to add them to your policy as authorized and insured operators. Unless you are going to park your car in a garage or secured area, you may want to increase the amount of coverage and be on the safe side. Therefore, make sure you consider all these factors prior to purchasing short-term car insurance." For more benefits and ways to procure affordable short-term car insurance log on

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