AppGreen – Making Mobile-Optimized Product Catalog for Business

Eastern District, Hong Kong S.A.R., March 19, 2012 --( AppGreen, a Hong Kong-based startup, has launched a mobile product catalog solution, providing a business tool to enhance companies’ abilities in mobile commerce and mobile marketing. With this ready-made mobile catalog solution, companies can create product catalog applications on iPad without any technical help, where finished product catalogs are promoted to public through a catalog application called AppGreen Marketplace. Unlike some existing product catalog solutions, catalogs made by AppGreen’s solution are optimized for the mobile user behavior.

"A Self-help Platform for Companies"
AppGreen’s service consists of two major parts – catalog building and catalog publishing. For the catalog building service, AppGreen provides a web-based self-help portal for companies to create and manage their product catalogs. Users can upload images, input product details and apply templates for quick design. In addition, AppGreen allows users to add “More Details” or “Buy Now” button linking to users’ websites or online stores. All the above procedures can be finished within AppGreen’s online portal, which means that there is no extra software to install other than your browser.

After finishing the building process, users can choose to publish catalogs to AppGreen’s application – AppGreen Marketplace or publish to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store in the future version. Currently AppGreen is in beta, where publishing to AppGreen Marketplace is the only possible choice. “In the long term, we aim at helping businesses get more targeted traffic by making the AppGreen Marketplace a place where people can shop and share their favorite products,” said Eric Tang, the Co-founder of AppGreen.

"Making Mobile-Optimized Product Catalog"
“AppGreen focuses on the mobile-optimized product catalog solution, while most of the existing mobile product catalog solutions in the market are not designed to make a mobile-optimized catalog,” said Eric. Unlike making a website, to suit the mobile user behavior, button size and font size are important issues. Combined with different finger gestures and the product browsing experience, these are the essential factors that determine a mobile product catalog’s success. Most of the existing catalog solution providers have failed to achieve the above factors, while companies adopting these solutions can only create a web-like experience to their customers, which is nothing newer than browsing an online store by PC. “Mobile product catalogs made by AppGreen’s solution are well-designed with all the essential factors achieved. It can be a marketing tool or just another way to make sales,” Eric added.

"The Startup Story"
Transforming from a web and mobile technology provider into a mobile business solution startup, the AppGreen team expects great potential in the mobile application solution industry. “We used to develop mobile apps for corporate clients. And it is interesting to discover that most of their requirements are similar, either to display products or moving their online stores to mobile,” said Eric Tang, “We hope our solution can help businesses, especially those who cannot afford to pay for a technology vendor, explore the usefulness and efficiency that mobile technology brings to them.”

"Free To Go"
Currently, AppGreen is in beta where free accounts are offered if users help get the message out. Users can sign up at AppGreen’s website ( Once users have invited three other users to sign up, they will immediately receive the invitation to this mobile catalog builder.
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