Feather and Black Choose Postcode Anywhere for Microsoft Dynamics

Furnishing retailers improve CRM data quality with address validation technology.

Worcester, United Kingdom, March 15, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Bedroom furniture giants Feather and Black have improved the quality of their customer data by integrating address validation technology from Postcode Anywhere into its Microsoft Dynamics CRM system.

Postcode Anywhere’s extension for Microsoft Dynamics allows users to capture accurate and complete UK and international addresses, up to 80% faster.

Wendy Jannaway, IT manager at Feather and Black said: “Using Postcode Anywhere’s address auto-complete and validation software ensures the data captured by our salespeople is accurate at the point of entry. The extension has also helped us improve efficiency by reducing operator keystrokes considerably, which is vital when working in such a fast-paced retail environment.

“Capturing accurate customer information to populate our CRM is a backbone integral to our company; without it we simply wouldn’t be able to function. Our CRM system is centralised, so that the customer information can be accessed and retrieved from our 35 branches all over the country, which is why getting it wrong could be so detrimental to the business.

“Communication with our customers is really important to us and we can now have confidence in the integrity of the data we receive. We know that any marketing material or general correspondence is definitely going to land on the right doorstep. This can only be achieved by capturing accurate data first time.

“Retail furnishing obviously involves delivering large consignments so it is imperative that we get the consignee’s address right. A failed delivery leads to not only unhappy customers but a huge expense to us. In these times of austerity we simply can’t afford to make such fundamental mistakes with our data.”

Postcode Anywhere’s managing director Guy Mucklow said: “As Feather and Black so rightly point out, even the smallest mistake can have major consequences down the line, from failed postal delivery and lost custom to wasted time and resources.

“Customers are often in a hurry to complete their orders, and can mistype information or forget fields altogether, leaving retailers unable to deliver the order or market to them in the future. Although this can be viewed as a ‘fault’ of the consumer, it’s the responsibility of the e-tailer to ensure they collect an accurate address. In the end, it will be the vendor’s reputation that’s on the line when the packages don’t arrive.

“What was once a headache, particularly for eCommerce, is now so simple to put right. Investing in data quality from the onset ensures these risks are negated at the very first opportunity.

“Postcode Anywhere software works in conjunction with database programs or CRM systems to improve the way they work. By letting you auto-fill an address from just a UK postcode, there are obvious time-saving and data accuracy benefits when dealing with contact information.”

For more information about implementing Postcode Anywhere’s address validation and auto-fill services in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, visit the website at: http://www.postcodeanywhere.co.uk/integrations/microsoft-dynamics-crm/

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