G&G Vitamins Introduce Children’s Vitamins and Minerals Product

West Sussex, United Kingdom, March 15, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Leading UK vitamin specialist G&G Vitamins have recently announced the introduction to their catalogue of their new Children’s Vitamins and Minerals product. This solution has been added to the company’s core catalogue to ensure that youngsters around the globe have access to the purest answer to the unique nutritional requirements of their growing bodies.

One of the new solutions integrated within the G&G Vitamins catalogue, the Children’s Vitamins and Minerals product has been designed to provide children with a solution that has been designed exclusively for them in every way, from its ingredients to its size and shape. The Children’s Vitamins and Minerals product comes in Trifil™ capsules that are designed to be easily swallowed and quickly and efficiently digested by their bodies without causing irritation.

In constructing this product, the development team at G&G Vitamins really has thought of everything. If children become stubborn and don’t want to take the vitamin within its capsule form, then parents can simply open the capsule up and add the ingredients within to their child’s meals or drinks. This helps to ensure that no matter how the child reacts, they can still get the nutritional support that their growing body needs at this stage of their development.

Chemically constructed for the wellbeing of children, each capsule within this product contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and acts as a natural source of Vitamin E. In addition, each capsule contains a broad range of components from the Vitamin B family, as well as calcium, iron and zinc. And because G&G Vitamins understands the importance of purity to today’s parent, there is no gluten, wheat, yeast, lactose or sugar within their Children’s Vitamins and Minerals product.

Contact the company’s in-house product team directly for more information about their evolving product line or visit their website http://www.gandgvitamins.com.
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