Greener Turf for the Athletes Village with FlexiDry Sustainable Screeds

With sustainability figuring high in the construction agenda for the 2012 London Olympics, every measure has been adopted by the Olympic Delivery Authority to ensure sustainability and energy efficiency at every level. Energy efficient FlexiDry floor screeds provided the perfect sustainable screeding solution for five of the towers of the Athletes Village. Right from yielding high energy efficiency and reducing wastage and landfill to providing a safe and clean working environment.

High Wycombe, United Kingdom, March 15, 2012 --( Green is not just a colour on the Olympic ring for the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games. When London bid to host the 2012 Olympics, one of the major highlights of the proposal put forward to the Olympic Committee was to put on a sporting event that was not just the biggest in the world, but also the first truly sustainable Olympic and Paralympic games in the world.

The green initiative seems to be well on track with unprecedented sustainability standards being delivered by the Olympic Delivery Authority, throughout the entire construction process of the Olympic Park and Athlete’s Village. The Athletes Village has been specially designed to give form to a new sustainable, urban community once the Olympic Games are over. From sustainably sourced and environment friendly construction materials to energy efficient construction practices- the athletes Village is expected to set new standards in sustainable urban living.

Energy Efficient measures from the sub-floor up…

With energy efficient space heating being one of the most important steps to achieve a low carbon target, sustainability planning has been implemented to maximize energy efficiency starting right from the subfloor upwards. The subfloor or the screed plays a major role in minimizing energy consumption by taking up the role of a complementing conductor for energy efficient underfloor heating systems.

Acting as a good conductor of heat, an efficient screed or sub-floor can transmit heat from the underfloor heating system efficiently and without heat loss, and bring down the energy use substantially. FlexiDry’s highly efficient fast drying floor screeds provided the perfect sustainable screeding solution for nearly 6000 sq.m across all towers of the Athletic Village.

FlexiDry fast drying screeds of the F1 formulation got the floors ready for the moisture sensitive finishes within a week of screeding, while the F0 formulation helped achieve an even quicker drying time of just three days. Apart from yielding energy efficiency, FlexiDry floor screeds fit right into the sustainable picture by keeping wastage to the bare minimum and eliminating the need for polythene curing.

Unlike the general pre-bagged fast drying floor screeds, FlexiDry comes with a highly concentrated liquid additive which is not only easy to store and transport, but also helps to prevent wastage by facilitating the mixing of screed according to requirement. FlexiDry floor screeds are also much preferred for the cleaner and safer working environment they generate compared to dust generating powder screeds.

As the London Olympics sets to scribe new sustainable standards, it is hoped that it will be the harbinger for a greener sporting culture in the years to come.
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