FlexiDry Speeds Up the Screeding for Stanley Park School, Sutton

When a series of unexpected delays prolonged the Stanley Park school project, FlexiDry fast drying floor screeds helped contractor CSC Screeding Ltd expedite the screeding and get part of the screed ready for the final floor finish within just 7 days of screeding. When normal screeds take up to 110 days for drying, and generally allows foot traffic to proceed only after 48 hours of screeding, FlexiDry helped work to resume on the site 12 hours after screeding. - June 14, 2012

Cost Effective, Quick and Efficient: Flexidry Floor Screeds Won the Bid as the Screed Choice for Blackfriars Station

Fitting the bill for quality, drying time and cost efficiency- FlexiDry won hands down as the screed choice for the new London Blackfriars Station. FlexiDry F0 was chosen to provide a high quality subfloor for nearly 5500 sqm of the new station platform. The Blackfriars station which spans the Thames, will serve as an easy access to the south bank tourist areas of London. - April 06, 2012

Greener Turf for the Athletes Village with FlexiDry Sustainable Screeds

With sustainability figuring high in the construction agenda for the 2012 London Olympics, every measure has been adopted by the Olympic Delivery Authority to ensure sustainability and energy efficiency at every level. Energy efficient FlexiDry floor screeds provided the perfect sustainable screeding solution for five of the towers of the Athletes Village. Right from yielding high energy efficiency and reducing wastage and landfill to providing a safe and clean working environment. - March 15, 2012

FlexiDry Provides Energy Efficient Screed for Romford’s Zero-Carbon Youth Centre

FlexiDry floor screed provided the ideal screeding solution for the sustainable new My Place Youth Centre for Romford. FlexiDry F3 figured as the perfect complement for the underfloor heating, helping to keep the energy consumption to the minimum. The quick drying screed also served to eliminate the use of polythene curing, and helped to keep wastage to a minimum. - February 17, 2012

Trendy New Futures Centre to Replace the Old Banbury Youth Centre

The youth of Banbury can expect to move into their new youth centre this autumn, as the £3m New Futures Centre takes the place of the earlier 60s style building. Featuring all amenities from art and music rooms and performance hall to all weather football and basket ball courts, fitness centre and a café, the New Youth Centre will be an ideal space for youth activities. FlexiDry fast drying floor screeds was used for screeding for this eco-friendly building. - January 07, 2012

FlexiDry Delivers the Perfect Moisture Resistant Floor Screed for Hilton’s Five Star Spa

FlexiDry delivers the perfect screed suited for Hilton’s largest luxury spa. FlexiDry F0 was installed by CSC Screeding Ltd on behalf of Milk Leisure, to achieve the high specification moisture resistant flooring for the five star spa. The exclusive spa features a wide range of spa facilities ranging from hydrotherapy pools and ice fountains to a mineral grotto, aroma steam rooms and sauna. - December 18, 2011

FlexiDry Floor Screed Delivers Exceptional Drying Time Unhindered by Low Winter Temperatures

When low winter temperatures can pose a testing challenge for screeders, FlexiDry fast drying floor screed defied the dipping temperatures to deliver an optimally dried screed for Foulds School Barnett, right within the promised time period of three weeks. When industry benchmarks stipulate optimal conditions of 20C and 50% RH for a normal screed to dry within 110 days, FlexiDry delivered exceptional results by producing optimally dried screeds within just 21 days. - December 01, 2011

Wexham Court Primary School to be a Landmark in Sustainable Construction

Wexham Court Primary School, Slough is currently undergoing extensive refurbishment and extension. The sustainable project is being carried out in accordance with the code of instructions set by the Considerate Contractors Scheme, and will be assessed under BREEAM. FlexiDry fast drying floor screed which is one of the prime choices in sustainable construction was used for the subfloor. - August 14, 2011

FlexiDry Floor Screeds Go by Their Word of Quick Drying Time and Quality- Reveals Customer Survey Report

A recent customer service survey reports a very positive set of scores for the drying time and quality FlexiDry offers to floor screeding projects. Drying time and quality being two of the vital aspects that customers look for in a fast drying screed, FlexiDry is happy to have delivered on their word of quick drying time and supreme quality. - July 14, 2011

FlexiDry: the Chosen Name in Sustainable Construction

FlexiDry is the favourite choice in sustainable construction, and is among the chosen names by sustainable energy solution providers like Warmafloor and Willmot Dixon. FlexiDry was lately used for screeding over 1400 sq.m underfloor heating at Samuel Ward Arts and Technology College, Haverhill, Suffolk. FlexiDry provided the screeding solution, with minimal wastage, quick drying time and reduced requirement of cement. - June 29, 2011

FlexiDry for Mivan Depa’s Maiden Project for the UK

FlexiDry is once again the choice for luxury London Living, with Porchester gate added to the list of high profile Central London apartments screeded with FlexiDry. FlexiDry provided the perfect screeding solution for this project with the flexibility it provides in terms of decision making on time, and choice of drying time. Porchester Gate is acclaimed specialist theme contractors Mivan Depa’s maiden project in the UK. - June 24, 2011

FlexiDry for Ashleigh Infant School, Wymondham

Ashleigh infant school Wymondham is to have a new playground, car park and extension completed by the middle of 2011. FlexiDry screeds were specially chosen for the damp wet areas, as these screeds are water repellent, and provide high strength and durability, making it the ideal choice for areas like playgrounds, sports halls and car parks. The school which was founded in the 1970s has nearly 220 pupils aged 3-7. - June 24, 2011

FlexiDry F3 / 21 Days for Trinity Spots Hall

Construction is well underway for a new £3m sports hall for Trinity School, Newbury. FlexiDry F3 with a drying time of 21 days is being used for this project which is being carried out by main contractors Kingerlee. FlexiDry is one of the most preferred names in quick drying screeds among... - June 22, 2011

FlexiDry Offers a Screeding Solution for Rivergate School, Barking

The 14 day dry FlexiDry F2 Fiberscreed has been chosen to be installed over 5500sm of underfloor heating for the Rivergate School. The primary school is part of the first phase of the eco- friendly Barking Riverside Project. FlexiDry offers a screeding solution with its quick drying time and also by acting as the complement for underfloor heating, reducing thermal losses and improving energy efficiency. - June 22, 2011

FlexiDry Enhancing Energy Efficiency for ModernaHus, the New Green Housing Solution for the UK

FlexiDry F1/7 day dry screed has been chosen for installation over 9500sm of under floor heating for ModernaHus. The innovative green home concept from Sweden is being introduced in the UK by Scandinavian contractors Skanska, after years of trials to adapt the system for the UK market and environment. FlexiDry has been found to help immensely in enhancing the energy efficiency by improving the conduction of heat from the under floor heating systems, and reducing thermal losses. - April 08, 2011

FlexiDry Fast Drying Floor Screed Installation Completed at The Lancasters

In February the final apartment was screeded with FlexiDry fast drying floor screed at The Lancasters, a development of 77 luxury apartments with stunning views over London's Hyde Park. - March 11, 2011

Rolex Flagship Store at One Hyde Park - a Timely Screed Install

Screeding the new Rolex store on the ground floor of One Hyde Park, Knightsbridge presented FlexiDry approved contractor, CSC Screeding Ltd, some logistical challenges due to its location and getting the bulk materials on site. - March 03, 2011

FlexiDry Fast Drying Floor Screed at the Athletes Village, London 2012

The Athletes Village is one of the most significant urban developments in the UK and is part of a much wider regeneration project – the Stratford City Masterplan – a blueprint for a huge new piece of City in East London. - February 02, 2011

Additional Center Parcs Exclusive Lodges Screeded with FlexiDry Fast Drying Floor Screed

Following the successful installation of FlexiDry fast drying floor screed in the new Exclusive Lodges at the Center Parcs Longleat Forest Holiday Village last year, a further five of the luxury lodges are being built at the Elveden Forest Village. - January 22, 2011

Mixamate Delivers FlexiDry Fast Drying Floor Screed ‘Ready Mixed’

FlexiDry fast drying floor screeds can now be ordered batch mixed on site for customers who require their fast drying screed delivered ‘ready mixed’ to lay themselves. - December 18, 2010

New Mosque Uses FlexiDry Fast Drying Floor Screed

In excess of 4,200sm of FlexiDry F3, 21 day dry time, floor screed has been installed over 5 floor levels in the building of the new Harrow Central Mosque. FlexiDry fast drying floor screed was chosen by the project management team due to its guaranteed dry times meaning that costly installation of surface DPM’s is not necessary before laying final floor finishes. - November 13, 2010

Back to School with FlexiDry Fast Drying Floor Screed

As children returned for the new school year last month, FlexiDry fast drying floor screed was being installed in another two new build schools on underfloor heating systems; North Ealing Primary School & Stockland Green Secondary School. Both schools are due to be completed earlier than expected with FlexiDry F1 floor screed being installed, allowing final floor finishes to be laid 7 days later, which fit perfectly with the build schedules. - October 24, 2010

Dan-Wood Energy-Efficient Houses Use FlexiDry

Budimex Danwood Ltd is a major European consortium which specialises in the design, factory pre-fabrication and on-site construction of exceptionally high quality and energy-efficient timber frame houses to a fixed-price, guaranteed timetable of just eight to ten weeks. - September 29, 2010

FlexiDry at the New Westfield Shopping Centre in Stratford

FlexiDry fast drying floor screed is being installed at the Westfield Shopping Centre next to the Olympic Park in Stratford. - September 23, 2010

Replacement Floor for the Sacred Heart Church in Wimbledon Using FlexiDry Fast Drying Screed

Work to replace the sunken floor at the Sacred Heart Church commenced in April this year with a total of almost a million pounds being spent on the church renovation. - September 20, 2010

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