On The Dot Announces Release of Adventures of Marvin and Mel For iOS

Adventures of Marvin and Mel: Word Rescue is a revolutionary catch and rescue word game for mobile devices. This game combines reaction, strategy, and a unique storyline. It captures the hearts and minds of players of all ages due its collection of enticing features. From the lovable main characters, Marvin and Mel Monkey, to collecting trophies, dressing your monkeys, racing the clock to complete the words, and earning banana-badge rankings, this game is one the whole family can enjoy.

Santa Fe, NM, March 15, 2012 --(PR.com)-- On The Dot, a New Mexico limited liability company, has developed and will be releasing its debut game. Adventures of Marvin and Mel: Word Rescue, a catch and drop escapade for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, will be available in the App Store on March 16, 2012. This adventure is the introduction of Marvin and Mel Monkey, a duo on a quest to retrieve the lost words that have been stolen from their home at Paradise Zoo.

In this highly addictive game, players assist Marvin and Mel on their adventure by maneuvering the monkeys to catch and retrieve the stolen letters from various geographic locations around the world. Adventures of Marvin and Mel: Word Rescue features challenging word rescuing, fascinating graphics, humorous effects, and a quest that will captivate your imagination. In addition, Adventures of Marvin and Mel gives players the opportunity to go online to vote on upcoming destinations that Marvin and Mel will travel to next. New destinations will be added regularly.

“Adventures of Marvin and Mel: Word Rescue is a challenging adventure that presents a compelling storyline with easy to use controls,” said Robert Castillo, co-founder of On The Dot, LLC. “We believe that Adventures of Marvin and Mel is an exciting journey for mobile gamers of all ages...and who better to do it with than Marvin and Mel!”

Stephanie Balderrama, co-founder of On The Dot, LLC, said, “This is a game you won’t be able to put down. The concept is simple yet the challenge keeps you hooked.”

The initial release of Adventures of Marvin and Mel will include: Four destinations with multiple word-catching levels and an unlockable bonus level where you will send the rescued words back home to Paradise Zoo, a storyline that advances with each completed destination, the ability to purchase outfits and dress Marvin and Mel for each adventure, and collectible golden letter trophies hidden throughout each destination.

Each of these unique components will feature Marvin and Mel, bringing them one step closer to returning all the stolen words back to the zoo. The Adventures of Marvin and Mel: Word Rescue App will be available from the App Store on iPhone and iPod for $0.99, and iPad, for $1.99.

About On The Dot LLC

On The Dot, LLC was founded by siblings Stephanie Balderrama and Robert Castillo in 2011. Robert, an avid gamer and recent college graduate, has been working in the field of cancer research for the last four years and was in the process of applying to medical school when the two started creating Adventures of Marvin and Mel. Looking for a way to generate funds for his medical school tuition, Robert partnered with his sister Stephanie, who works in the field of IT and has an affinity for drawing, to conceive and develop Adventures of Marvin and Mel: Word Rescue. This game is the innovation of Robert and Stephanie and the product of sibling camaraderie. The siblings agree, “Although this game started as a way to pay for school, it has turned into a project that has brought us closer together and given us a way to use our creative expression.”

As a way of giving back, On The Dot, LLC will be donating 15% of 2012 net proceeds from this game to charities that fund the research and treatment of cancer.

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