Greenbird Financial to Launch Market Text Alert Service

In line with the firm’s market information drive to help both new and experienced traders and investors get to the top of the competition in the commodity futures and brokerage industry, Greenbird Financial is set to launch a new service offering focused on information services via market text alert service.

London, United Kingdom, March 16, 2012 --( Greenbird Financial’s Market Text Alert Service will cover various sectors of futures and brokerage trading and will be free of charge for active traders and investors who have active accounts with Greenbird Financial. Developed by commodity and IT experts, mostly are in-house Senior Trading Analysts, the new text alert service comes in many options where a subscriber can opt what particular service he wants to be included on the daily text alert message that will be sent to him or her.

"Our Market Text Alert Service is just one of the many market information services that we are going to release early this year. Our initiative of offering such is in consonance with our main objective of educating our clients on the multi-faceted nature of commodity trading. We believe that a well-informed and educated client gets the most opportunity to succeed in this industry," said Mr. Troy Nolan, Greenbird Financial’s Senior IT Development Officer.

Another soon to be released market information-focused service is the firm’s webinar series. This service will provide an integrated market and trading knowledge for traders at all levels of experience. This will cover subjects such as risk management, financial management, technical analysis and most used patterns, charts and quotes. These topics will be presented in recorded audio files and will be available in the firm’s website. The same as the text alert service, the webinar series will be exclusively offered only to active traders and investors of Greenbird Financial.

Topics on the webinar series will be explained thoroughly, from the fundamentals of how the futures markets work and what the price of a futures contract actually means to a simple trader and to more complicated explanation especially on areas of foreign exchange markets, and technical approaches in inter-market analysis.
Greenbird Financial
Matt Ross