Seavus Project Viewer™ v.6.9 Enables Project Comparison and Smooth Project Tracking

Seavus announces the new version of its viewer for MS® Project, Seavus Project Viewer™ v6.9.

Skopje, Macedonia, March 16, 2012 --( Today’s corporate organizations prefer project management tools and practices that are well suitable for dynamic business environments and at the same time save valuable time and costs.

Focusing on these requirements, the cost effective solution for viewing Microsoft Project® files introduces the new version, Seavus Project Viewer™ v6.9.

The new Compare Project feature in this release is useful for project decentralization, providing a possibility to the project members to visualize the project’s changes. This feature enables team members to view different versions of a project plan and allows them to compare task duration, resource usage and project milestones visually.

Team members and Leads, as well as External Stakeholders can use this feature in conducting “What-If” scenarios when there is more than one project version, track project changes in order to create local project history and analyze how a project plan has evolved.

With the Polish language available, the language versions of Seavus Project Viewer™ have reached a number of ten. The software is also available on Dutch, Russian, Chinese, English, German, French, Spanish, Czech and Japanese.

In Seavus Project Viewer v6.9 you can also feel additional improvements when working with task update features, customization dialog and timeline split combination.

This project viewer was also tested in Windows 8 developer environment and showed excellent compatibility, which shows another advantage and readiness to answer the future challenges of software and project management cohesion.

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