Murals by Jericho Includes Design with Church Murals Services

Peoria, IL, March 16, 2012 --( Murals by Jericho have announced that in addition to church murals, the artists and interior decorators are also providing their specialty in design to churches across the United States. These services include: liturgical furnishings, stained glass and inlaid stone flooring, interior decoration consultancy, and selecting colors and materials that compliment the overall design. The artists work toward providing a unified interior decorative scheme to their clients.

Churches that require church murals, interior design and redesign choose Murals by Jericho, due to their extensive experience working with churches. This is a specialty that helps the church administrators and the artists to understand the project on a higher level, and to complete the job more efficiently. This results in a finished project that establishes the messages that the church needs, for communicating with the parishioners, and the beauty of professionally painted murals.

Murals by Jericho also work with a network of trades that can assist with church design. This includes specialists in stained glass and pews. This provides a comprehensive and consolidated service that makes redecorating a church convenient and stress-free.

Murals by Jericho are available to work on brand new churches or those in need of a redesign. The company can be contacted directly with questions and comments.

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