Curtis Silwa on Your World Uncensored

Daniel Del Valle and His Cast of Characters Welcomed None Other Than Curtis Silwa to DDV Radio; Talk Radio Bringing the Human Side of Law Enforcement to the Public

New York, NY, March 16, 2012 --( Your World Uncensored with Daniel Del Valle aka DDV Radio, is true talk radio discussing real issues with real-life professionals-uncensored. Airing weekly in the New York, tri-state area, live on Sunday afternoons at 1PM on am 970 The Apple.

On Sunday March 4, 2012 Danny Del Valle and his troupe welcomed Curtis Sliwa, the founder of the Guardian Angels to the show. Mr. Silwa talked about his early years with the guardian angels, his take on the mob, the infamous 1992 shooting inside a NYC cab and much, much more. “He responded well to our brand of humor as well as the serious issues,” stated Tristan Rossi.

Danny Del Valle a Corrections Officer and his cast of characters; Tristan “Rossi” –Corrections Officer, John Walsh also in law enforcement and Carol Michele, a passionate Latin American offering her opinions from a female's perspective, strive to bring forth "the human side of law enforcement" while discussing real life issues.

Your World Uncensored with Danny Del Valle airs live every Sunday from 1PM to 2PM EST on am 970 The Apple. It can also be heard streaming live online from the website Listeners are welcome to call in to speak with the troupe or talk with the guest 1-866-970-9622. The show can also be heard in it’s entirety on Podcast and can be found on iTunes.

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DDV Radio Your World Uncensored with Daniel Del Valle
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