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Rosenberry Rooms, a leading online retailer and boutique offering specialty children’s furniture and décor, was featured on the March 13th episode of The Doctors, covering a room makeover by celebrity interior designers, Little Crown interiors.

Raleigh, NC, March 16, 2012 --( Rosenberry Rooms, a leading online retailer and boutique offering specialty children’s furniture and décor, was featured on the March 13th episode of The Doctors. A spin-off of Dr. Phil, The Doctors is a daytime talk show that features a “dream team” of medical professionals covering various health-related topics, while answering audience and viewer questions. The episode took a three-pronged approach to solving the age-old challenge faced by so many sleep-deprived parents, which is helping a toddler learn to go to sleep in their own bed (and hopefully stay there for the night). Specifically, the show centers on the O'Hara family and their 5-year-old daughter Ella, who had made a habit of repeatedly moving into her parents’ bed at night and ultimately refused to stay in her own. The solutions included a pediatric approach by Dr. Sears of The Doctors, a consultation with a professional sleep expert, and a room makeover and Q & A with Naomi Alon & Gerri Panebianco of Little Crown Interiors with the help of Rosenberry Rooms.

Susie Fougerousse, mother of five children aged 11 months to 14 years, and President of Rosenberry Rooms, was thrilled to have been invited to participate in such an important episode. “This issue is one that I have tackled in various ways with each of my children after transitioning them from the nursery to a big kid’s room, and I know what a struggle it can be. Being well rested is such an important factor in enabling parents to meet all of the demands of family and work life. I am a firm believer that a good night’s sleep is the key to a happy household. It was an honor to be able to work on this incredible room makeover with Gerri, Naomi, and the fabulous staff of The Doctors to make a positive change for the O’Hara family.”

Little Crown Interiors provided expert advice to viewers about ways in which the design of a child's room can be used to help create an environment that promotes healthy sleep habits. Using beautiful furniture and accessories from Rosenberry Rooms, Little Crown Interiors created a calming yet stunning big girl room, filled with beautiful furnishings aimed at giving Ella a space where she is comfortable and confident to sleep on her own.

Naomi and Gerri of Little Crown chose bold and feminine bedding, furniture and accessories from Rosenberry Rooms. The fuchsia upholstered headboard, accented with a velvet cornice and drapes, and stylish bedding succeeded in making the bed the main focal point of the room. Centering the bed in the space, and increasing the comfort level with organic sheets contributed to making this an irresistible spot for Ella that is sure to encourage better sleeping habits. "At first glance, we could immediately see that this family had put a generous amount of time and effort into designing a beautiful room for Ella,” says Gerri. “We could also see that there were a lot of issues with the space that were directly contributing to Ella's inability to sleep there." Naomi and Gerri succeeded in making Ella’s room more age appropriate by utilizing sophisticated furniture from Rosenberry Rooms, removing the clutter, and adding strategic accents such as blackout drapes and replacing the television with a soothing sound machine.

The Little Crown duo also designed a custom wall monogram using Ella’s initials to really make the space feel extra special and all her own. Naomi felt that "Ella needed a space that she could really love, and in which she could feel completely comfortable and confident. Her existing room had been the same since she was an infant, so the time was right to give her some input into the design of her room. By doing this, we believe that she gained an appreciation for her surroundings, and that feeling would be a building block for teaching her to stay in her room at night.”

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