Power Publisher’s New Release – CrackedPots by Suresh Kumar: Fragments of Truth and Imagination

An MBA graduate and a Management consultant, Suresh Kumar, has an inner eye to analyze events he undergoes, or comes to know. In his new book, CrackedPots, he takes a brisk glance around his familiar world, and finds out some meditative observations.

Kolkata, India, March 17, 2012 --(PR.com)-- “I don't like waiting in airports for my bags,” Steve Waugh, the great former Australian captain says, “Even worse, I don't like waiting in airports when my bags are lost.” Quite like his idol, Suresh always knows to go ahead, ignoring all the mishaps in life. He possesses a unique vision of exploring the brighter side of all incidents, even accidents.

In his book, CrackedPots, Suresh picks up a few memorable incidents from his experience. Some of them are well known and universal; like the Indo – Pak partition, 9/11 attacks, Osama killing, 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks, 2G Scam and few more. Here, the author has changed the narrative style, from mere reminiscences to stories. He made a handful of stories out of his fragments of memories. In keeping in tune with the title, the stream of coherence at some points, has been surely snapped. But, all are done in favour of the essence of a story. People of different states are more or less aware of these incidents of international importance. But, what they will explore in this book, is the author’s personal reflection on those issues.

Not in an informative style, but quite in an introspective one, the author seems to be rather speaking to himself pondering on those moments. His reflections are so clear; it often seems that, he might have travelled to those particular moments by a time-machine. And there are some incidents, which are immediately related to him, but not to his readers. But, interestingly, Suresh has succeeded in transcending those personal experiences becoming universal. One can feel the exact feelings of the author. The reader may agree with him, or may not. But, the appeal is immediately felt. The way he unveils his personal feelings, the narrative attains almost a tactile quality. What is noteworthy in the stories of CrackedPots, is its essential defamiliarised feel. Hopefully, this feel will appeal his readers to re-explore re-define themselves.

About the Book:
Book: CrackedPots
Author: Suresh Kumar

ISBN: 978-93-81205-93-8
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