Secure Timekeeping and Contractor Tracking on Display at ISC-West

WorkTech be joining its partner in security and gate control, Lenel, at the 2012 ISC-West conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, March 28-30.

Somerville, MA, March 17, 2012 --( WorkTech be joining its partner in security and gate control, Lenel, at the 2012 ISC-West conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, March 28-30. As a certified Lenel partner, WorkTech integrates its employee and contractor time and attendance software with OnGuard. This partnership gives clients a simple, yet secure solution for both gate control and time and attendance. By achieving Lenel certification in 2011, WorkTech demonstrated its commitment to keeping its products in line with Lenel requirements.

WorkTech timekeeping systems integrate with OnGuard to receive gate passes as clock transactions. When an employee or contractor passes through a gate, WorkTech receives that activity in real time and writes a labor transaction. These pre-validated transactions can be compared against the employee or contractor's schedule to help ensure that he or she is not charging labor hours too early, or is tardy. This integration also assists managers of the employees and contractors to know when they arrive at a facility compared when they start work on productive tasks. This can help companies make sure that employees get to productive tasks within a reasonable amount of time from the time that they enter the gate. It also serves as a "sanity check" for companies reviewing contractor invoices. The integration between OnGuard and WorkTech allows companies to validate the time that contractors are reporting and billing.

Come by the Lenel booth, which Booth 11087 at ISC West. For more information on passes to the show, visit or contact WorkTech at

About WorkTech
Established in 1993, WorkTech began with a consulting practice centered on MRO Software's Maximo computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). During that time, WorkTech has established a proven record of helping organizations reduce their costs and increase their efficiency with flexible time and attendance software. WorkTech prides itself on maximizing the value of customers' ERP investment with add-on products, including time and attendance management. This focus results in a set of extremely flexible software products that address the complex needs of workforce that are easily tailored to meet the needs of every user in the organization. Flagship software suites include Contractor Cost Tracking System (CCTS), WorkTech Time Suite, and QuickPick for Maximo. WorkTech is headquartered in West Somerville, Mass.
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