Guildall Diamond Investments Inc. Launches Diamond Calculator

Guildhall Diamond Investments Inc. has launched its Colored Diamond Investment Calculator for investors to visualize what a return on an investment in a natural fancy colored diamond will look like over a 20 year period.

Markham, Canada, March 17, 2012 --( Guildhall Diamond Investments Inc., a leading diamond investment firm that specializes in natural fancy colored diamonds recently launched their Diamond Investment Calculator in order to assist investors in learning more about the exciting potential of diamond investing.

The entire Guildhall team is extremely passionate about colored diamonds and take great pride in supporting clients with the diamond learning curve. One of the ways in which Guildhall has taken the mystery out of diamond investing, is by creating a proprietary calculator that shows clients how much they can expect to yield over a 20 year period with a yellow or pink diamond. For instance, if an investor is researching a diamond and sees a 1.00 Carat Cushion Cut Intense Yellow Internally Flawless diamond on the Guildhall website for $15,000, they can use the diamond calculator to realize that this diamond could conceivably be worth $46,587.72 in ten years.

Results are based on collective research, data, sales, auction house and supplier records. Although these are estimates only and actual results will vary based on individual diamond value factors or the 4 c’s (i.e. cut, color, clarity and carat size), the results help potential clients conceptualize how lucrative this investment can be over the long term.

To use The Guildhall Colored Diamond Investment Calculator, please visit our website at and select “Calculate An Investment”, enter a price and select a colored diamond from the drop-down menu. To receive an investment calculation on a specific diamond, go to the Featured Diamonds section of the website and click on the “Calculate This Investment” icon.

For more information about Guidlhall Diamond Investments Inc. or to speak to a representative call 1-866-274-9570.
Guildhall Diamond Investments Inc.
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