Cleanicity Relieves the Itch with Furbliss, the Innovative Pet Massager and Back Scratcher in One

Cleanicity, the leading makers of innovative pet products inspired by clean freaks, launches the Furbliss, the only combination massager and back scratcher for dogs and cats.

New York, NY, March 17, 2012 --( Today, Cleanicity, the leading manufacturer of pet products inspired by clean freaks, announced the launch of the industry’s only combination pet massager and back scratcher via its online commerce site,

“Itchy dogs and cats are a concern for many pet owners,” explained Carol O’Brien, the CEO of Cleanicity. “While there can be a medical or nutritional reason for a pet’s excessive scratching, often times it’s simply a case of pets liking their backs scratched. In the absence of a solution pets may seek itch relief via any piece of furniture or scratchy surface available. The Furbliss offers safe, quick, and lasting relief for pets and helps homeowners keep their furniture and homes cleaner.”

The Furbliss is made of firm PVC plastic with dozens of durable prongs to massage, stroke, and scratch your pet’s fur. According to Ms. O’Brien, using the Furbliss for a few minutes each day can result in more contented pets, cleaner and less fur-filled homes, and happier pet owners.

The idea for the Furbliss started with a request from a customer, reveals Ms. O’Brien. “Since launching the Stikitty last year, our customers reach out to me quite often with pet problems and product needs.” She said. “One customer described how itchy her healthy dog always is, and I noticed it in my own dog. I tried dozens of existing solutions, created new product prototypes, and finally landed on the most effective solution, the Furbliss.”

According to pet reviews on Cleanicity’s site, pet owners have seen additional benefits of the Furbliss beyond massaging and back scratching. One reviewer noted an increased bond with her rescue dog.

The Furbliss is available to pet owners via the company’s online store at For more information on Cleanicity and the Furbliss, please visit

About Cleanicity
Founded in late 2009, Austin, Texas-based Cleanicity is a manufacturer and distributor of innovative pet products. The company’s premier product, the Stikitty®, uses cleanroom technology to proactively clean cats’ paws, making pets healthier, homes cleaner from germs, and pet owners happier. Cleanicity was chosen as a top 100 startup business by StartUpNation and its products have been featured in leading pet magazines, on television, and in national and local blogs. For additional information, please visit
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