"Swedish Death Metal" Book: French Translation Available

Brooklyn, NY, March 17, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Daniel Ekeroth's mammoth landmark history Swedish Death Metal is now available in an 824-page French translation from Paris-based publisher Camion Blanc. Published in English by Bazillion Points Books in July 2008, the ultimate blow-by-blow account of Sweden's legendary death metal underground has earned global praise for its detailed portrayal of a regional music scene, based on exclusive interviews with members of Nihilist/ Entombed, In Flames, At the Gates, Dismember, Grave, Hypocrisy, Opeth, Unleashed, Marduk, Morbid, Mob 47, Deranged, Edge of Sanity, Merciless, Therion, Liers in Wait, Carnage, Carcass, Tiamat/Treblinka, Afflicted, Repugnant, and the Haunted.

Says author Daniel Ekeroth: "I am delighted to see a French release! Of course, I have been in bands on French record labels going back to Dellamorte in the early Osmose days. Now I hope the catacombs of Paris are flooded with red wine while the restless readers of France get down to business enjoying some dark nighttime reading of Swedish Death Metal in their native tongue!"

For more details on the French edition of Swedish Death Metal, please visit this location: http://www.camionblanc.com/?p=detail_livre&ID=314

"Finally, the true story of Swedish death metal! This book brought me back to the good old days."-Tomas Lindberg, At the Gates/ Grotesque/Disfear

"Death metal ruled my adolescent years. The problem is I don't remember half of it! This tome of dark recollections is the chance to set things straight."-Nicke Andersson, Nihilist/Entombed/The Hellacopters

"Read this book if you are willing to be subjected to the story behind the extreme face-melting, flesh-ripping, ear-slaying, gut-blasting phenomenon known as Swedish death metal!"-Chris Reifert, Death/Autopsy

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