Building Style with Built-Up Edges, J. Aaron Makes Fine Wood Countertops More Affordable

J. Aaron Wood Countertops, makers of fine wood countertops, has announced a new construction technique that has been refined to meet the needs of designers and architects working with homeowners who are looking for impressive style and functionality without breaking the bank.

Scottsdale, GA, March 17, 2012 --( After several years of holding tight to their wallets, homeowners are finally relaxing their grips and remodeling activity is on the rise. In some cases, a great deal on a house in this buyer’s market could leave the homeowner with funds available to remodel. For others, the decision not to sell opens opportunities to turn their current home into their dream home.

But just because they’re loosening their purse strings doesn’t mean homeowners are ready to shell out for luxury at every turn. At J. Aaron, makers of fine wood countertops, a new construction technique has been refined to meet the needs of designers and architects working with homeowners that are looking for impressive style and functionality without breaking the bank.

“Price has been a dictator for the whole market,” says J. Aaron president Joshua Johnson. “And while desire has gone up for high-end surfaces, interest has gone down. We’ve been working on modifying our products and thinking outside the box with this new economy.”

Build-Up Edges
The J. Aaron solution to offer clients high style and exceptional value comes in the form of built-up edges around the company’s high-quality breadboard tops. Rather than using a full-thickness top for the length of the counter, J. Aaron artisans use precise design specifications to build the top from 3/4-inch-thick lumber and wrap it in 1 3/4-inch-thick edge pieces. The technique delivers the appearance of a full-thickness surface minus about 40% of the cost, or more.

J. Aaron custom wood countertops are available in more than a dozen species, including traditional maple or cherry, unqiue bubinga or canary wood, and statement-making zebrawood and antique heart pine. For walnut, the most popular selection, a solid 1 3/4-inch-thick top would cost about $95 per square foot. Using built-up edges and a 3/4-inch-thick work surface, the cost decreases to just $60 per square foot.

“The value keeps growing as the size and thickness increase,” Johnson says. “For instance, the cost of an 8-by-4-foot island top would be about $3,040 for solid 1 3/4-inch construction, but only about $1,920 for the same top using built-up edges. The same island top at 2 1/4 inches thick would be $3,840 solid, but only $2,000 with built-up edges.”

Johnson notes that built-up edge construction is ideal for long runs of countertops or large islands to maximize the cost effectiveness and aesthetic of the technique. For most species, designers and their clients can choose from edge grain, end grain, or plank-style construction, and a range of oiled or
varnished finishes to create the ideal, warm wood countertop for any home.

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Since 2001, J. Aaron has been designing impeccable countertop products that meet the precise needs of homeowners, architects, designers, builders, and retailers nationwide. Each designer piece is customized and hand-crafted by skilled artisans at the company’s 15,000 square foot facility in Scottsdale, Ga. As a family-owned business, J. Aaron has earned a trusted reputation for consistently delivering unrivaled craftsmanship and sought-after designs that become the primary focus for those kitchens and baths. Products are designed for both residential and commercial use.
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