The Rare Collections Uncovers a Letter Written by Jim Morrison of The Doors During the Recording of LA Woman

Tyler, TX, March 18, 2012 --( The Rare Collections recently uncovered a letter from Jim Morrison written to Dave Marsh of Creem Magazine in a private collection of memorabilia in Los Angeles, California. In the letter Morrison writes about his time in LA, making films and making music with The Doors. It stops without close or signature, so the five-page letter could have been a bit longer, but these pages are as they were discovered in the collection.

Judging by the content of the letter, it was written when The Doors had just recorded the album LA Woman and it was being mixed prior to release. The Doors were returning to their roots as a blues inspired band, and Morrison was reflecting on his time in LA and how he came to the the area to become a film maker and ended up a musician "by accident."

Transcription of Letter:

Thanks for your interest & your patience. I've been working on our album for the last few months & I've finally got my head free to answer you. 1st we recorded this album in our rehearsal studio w/ our 8-track in the office upstairs.

"This one we produced ourselves. The engineer & co-producer is Bruce Botnik, who we've worked w/ since the 1st album. He's a young guy & more like a brother. It went fast & well. Mixing is next week & the album should be released by May 1.

"This is a blues album & we even included a John Lee Hooker cut called Crossing King Snake, which was part of our set in the earliest club days. The songs have a lot to do w/ America & what its like to live these years in L.A. - & by extension - The United States.

"(I've always seen Los Angeles as a microcosm of The States, a genetic blue-print).

I came here originally to make films & got into music by accident for me, as it gave me experience & an outlet for ideas, and a chance to work...

"...out a personal myth, late-adolescent phantasy, at large.
HWY, a 50 minute 35 mm. color film, is a further evolution of this personal heroic myth.

"I'm working on another book & a long essay on the Trial in Florida."

The letter is framed with a photo of Morrison and name plate describing the piece. Morrison's themes revolving around life in LA and his use of alternate spellings like "phantasy," purposeful in describing his "adolescent myth," reoccur both in his lyrics and other works. The letter gives readers a glimpse into the mind of Jim Morrison, an Artist and one of the most iconic American rock music legends.
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Kate Kirby