Sassy Scrubs Announces the Top 5 Reason for Expanding Their Company’s Social Media Initiatives

In today’s highly competitive online retail market, many companies find social media marketing a double-edged sword. Today, Sassy Scrubs announced the release of its new social media initiatives.

Penn Yan, NY, March 18, 2012 --( Although copious amounts of research and studies have implied that today’s consumers don’t wish to be a target for marketing through their social media, Sassy Scrubs (a US based manufacturer and online retailer of hospital and medical nursing scrubs) found that their customer base welcomed the company’s new social media initiatives. Sassy Scrubs recently announced the top 5 reasons for expanding their social media initiatives.

The Company’s primary goal in extending their social media efforts was to be able to engage with their customers while creating a hearty fan base. Like most companies in today’s business-to-consumer marketplace, Sassy Scrubs found that their customer client base no longer communicated exclusively through email campaigns. Company President, Karen Bradley, explains, “Our customers are busy people. Between long hours on the job and busy families, their available time to socialize with friends is limited. Because of this, we know that social marketing sites such as Facebook help keep them connected with those they care about. Since our customers are there anyway, that is where we want to be, sharing our special discounts and sales with them, to help save them valuable time, and money.”

Second, Sassy Scrubs realized the positive reaction to, and the benefits of rewarding their customers through social media outlets. For example, the Company now offers exclusive sales promotions designed specifically for followers of their Facebook page. Rewarding visitors to their Facebook and other social media pages with special sales alerts and exclusive deals with specialty coupons has increased their customer satisfaction. “Coupon sites and special offers are now a standard prerequisite to those considering a purchase. With today’s ever-increasing and expanding internet market, it is imperative that we not lose sight of what our customer’s desire and expect,” states Company President, Karen Bradley.

Third, Sassy Scrubs stated that they became conscious acutely aware of the importance of using social media to help extend their brand recognition. The company, which was started in 1990, quickly ascended in the scrubs market and successfully competed against household brand names in the scrubs industry, by offering a customized product that is sewn in the United States. Extensive branding of their product was vital in the effort to become recognized both by their trademarked name “Sassy Scrubs” and their sassy logo. “Primarily, the customer who visits our company’s Facebook page has already ordered with us and knows of our custom made product and our great service,” explains Bradley. “So, communicating through this social media site results in a loyalty reward for the customers who already “like” us, to encourage them to return to our website for a new purchase, while saving money through promotions which are only available through our Facebook page.”

The fourth component of their social media marketing efforts is to remain competitive in their market. The scrubs manufacturer and online retailer change their promotions frequently, in an effort to bring the right sale to the right people as often as possible. Cycling through dollar off coupons, free shipping promotions and specific garment discounts allows the Company to frequently offer the discount each customer prefers. The ability to communicate with their customers through social media increases the ways in which the scrubs retailer can reach out to their most loyal customers. Sassy Scrubs’ Marketing & IT Manager, Jody Earle states, “With the large number of discount incentives offered by most scrub companies, it is vitally important for our company to research the most successful programs run by our competition and to stay current with what our specific client base expects. In addition, target marketing is no longer about offering our customers what we imagine they might want, it’s about paying attention to their social media behaviors and giving the customer what they wish for.”

Finally, a key component to any online retailer’s marketing plan is their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plan and the resulting organic search results for sites such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. While many companies underestimate the importance of social media marketing and its direct impact on their search engine rank, Sassy Scrubs is keenly aware of this fact because their business is done 100% online. “Our business lives and dies on our rank position on the 3 major search engines. Like most companies, we are constantly trying to keep up with the ever-changing algorithms of Google and the like in order to keep, and ultimately improve, our page rank standings. Our challenge, like any other on-line company, is to find that balance between marketing to a ‘machine’ (in order to get a ranking online that will bring us new customers) and marketing to real people. These two methods of marketing are often diametrically different. The wise use of social media gives us a very practical way to be able to market directly to the customer in a way that makes us stand out over the competition,” says Marketing & IT Manager, Jody Earle.

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