San Diego Solar Energy Specialists Solare Energy Introduce New Financing Option

San Diego, CA, March 18, 2012 --( Solare Energy, San Diego leaders for high efficiency solar energy solutions have recently announced the introduction of a new financing option to make it more affordable than ever for clients across the state of California to upgrade their energy production systems by integrating high efficiency solutions.

The new financing option through Solare Energy; a purchasing power agreement, (PPA) is designed to provide customers with the incentive to commit to high efficiency solutions for the long-term. The company’s PPA ensures that customers can buy their electricity at $0.18-0.23/kWh from their solar energy provider instead of paying San Diego Gas & Electric $0.30-0.32/kWh. This offer amounts to a saving of up to 23-44%, and as the rates inevitably rise further, this saving will become greater over the length of this agreement.

By signing the PPA, customers will be provided with the professional installation of solar panels within their home, as well as a 20-year agreement with service provider for the supply of solar power at the low predetermined rate that is set within the agreement. This therefore allows homeowners to make cost savings immediately, and go on to save thousands over a 20-year period while the agreement is in place. This represents the ideal opportunity for those looking to integrate a solar power solution without paying for installation of the equipment.

To learn more about this exceptional new offer available through the team at Solare Energy, please contact Solar Energy’s in-house team directly or visit for more information.
Solare Energy
Jose Luis Contreras