Green Engineering: For the Good of the Earth and Its People

Klamath Falls, OR, March 18, 2012 --( Precision Structural Engineering is one of the major forerunners in the green movement. The company truly understands that in order to "build green," construction must take place without destruction. The concept of green is not a new one, however, due to the environmental damage our world has suffered we must face the fact that building methods must change. President of PSE, Nabil Taha, commented on their decision to promote green initiatives by saying, “We have no choice but to go green.” He and the team at PSE realize that skyrocketing energy costs, global warming, and general awareness of the environment and our affect on it have forced them and others to explore sustainable building strategies.

Precision Structural Engineering has been at the forefront of the green movement by providing green engineering since 1995. They are proud to be a part of this movement as their green designs not only benefit the environment but the people as well. Green buildings make people feel better and cost less to maintain. They are built to last, with quality design, durable materials, and conscientious construction. “Re-using any item or product has the least impact on the environment, and so, is very green. The ultimate goals of sustainability are to Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle,” says Nabil Taha. Mr. Taha is currently donating his services in order to provide designs for a cob home project in Bly, Oregon.

There is no doubt that while energy costs and gas prices are on the rise, and the state of the American economy remains uncertain, Precision Structural Engineering is showing true compassion, not only for the environment, but for their customers as well. For more information about PSE and green engineering please visit
Precision Structural Engineering Inc.
Nabil Taha