Krush Hitting Company Opens National Headquarters in Scottsdale

Krush Hitting Company of Scottsdale, AZ, the nation’s number one hitting instruction camp, opened its national headquarters this month at Mercado del Lago Executive Offices at 8300 N. Hayden Road, Suite 207, in Scottsdale.

Scottsdale, AZ, March 18, 2012 --( Krush Hitting Company of Scottsdale, AZ, the nation’s number one hitting instruction camp, opened its national headquarters this month at Mercado del Lago Executive Offices at 8300 N. Hayden Road, Suite 207, in Scottsdale.

The new office will allow the company room for continued growth throughout the United States, said Bill Kehoe, President of Krush Hitting.

“We are in five regions of the country now,” Kehoe said. “And the new office gives us the room and staff to coordinate all of our camps and field personnel from a central location.”

While specializing in hitting techniques and improvement for skill levels from little league to professional players, Krush Hitting Company offers a diverse array of instructional camps. These camps include two levels of hitting instruction, catchers’ programs, total skills camps, and coach’s clinics, each tailored to the specific requirements of the attendees, according to Kehoe.

“The result is a program full of fun & learning,” Kehoe said. “The ultimate goal is to maximize each and every hitter's potential, whether they’re little leaguers, big leaguers, or anywhere in between. We’ve done camps and provided instruction for all of them.”

Krush Hitting got its start as a result of a conversation between Kehoe and a National League All Star that led Kehoe to believe that this hitter was not fully aware of what was going on in his swing.

“I thought that if a 30 year-old MLB All Star wasn’t aware, then what does that say about the knowledge other hitters might possess throughout the world,” Kehoe said. “Especially the young, developing hitters.”

A video tape of hitters from a Kehoe’s good friend and ex-teammate Lou Frazier (an ex MLB player and coach in the Pirate, White Sox and Red Sox organizations) really got the ball rolling, according to Kehoe. Frazier was training some players in the off-season and invited Kehoe to watch.

“Lou is one of the most entertaining people alive and a quality coach as well,” added Kehoe. “We were in the middle of a conversation, and Lou reached into his Suburban and handed me a video tape. He said, ‘Watch this tape and teach your hitters what really happens in the swing, not what people tell you happens in the swing.’”

Kehoe studied the 5 or 6 hitters on the tape, and then he got as much video on MLB hitters as he could find.

“I watched more video than a defensive coordinator in the NFL,” he said. “The more I studied, two things became apparent: One, there are several commonalities or absolutes in most if not all elite hitters, and two, there are a lot of differences as well. The result was that there are many ways to hit. Hitters should not be made into ‘robots,’ and each hitter has his or her own style. That’s a good thing.”

After this two month film study, and driven to develop a premier hitting development program, Kehoe spent the following year traveling the country swapping information with some of the best hitting minds available. He concluded that the company that would become Krush Hitting would focus on the elimination of theory and opinion in teaching the art of hitting.

“My research proved that there are a number of common movements that most, if not all, exceptional hitters share,” said Kehoe. “And this is the basis for Krush Hitting’s Development program.”

Krush Hitting’s basic instructional camps focus on swing mechanics (the common movements of exceptional hitters), maximizing power, increasing contact rate, swing faults and fixes, an introduction to velocity adjustments, an introduction to hitting off-speed pitches, an introduction to the mental approach to hitting, an introduction to tracking, proper and effective drill work, and an introduction to a functional strength training program for hitters.

Advanced instructional camps include a complete review of the common swing mechanics of elite hitters; vision, tracking and pitch recognition; developing a plan to hit off-speed pitches; velocity and rhythm adjustments; a mental approach and decision making; and a plan to put it all together.

“Krush Hitting Company's hitting development program is based upon proven, tangible facts,” concluded Kehoe. “We won’t waste anyone’s time with opinions or theories. And, we are so confident that you and your team or group will enjoy and learn from our events that we will refund your money if you don’t. It's that simple!”

Kehoe has coached at the high school and collegiate level and trained some of the best hitters on the planet; Major League Baseball, minor leaguers, top collegiate players, as well as thousands of high school and youth hitters.

For more information or to schedule a camp, contact Krush Hitting Company at 480-209-6301
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