Online Video Marketing Survey and Video Email Trends Report

Web Video Marketing Council and Flimp Media Release Results of Q4-2011 Online Video Marketing Survey and Video Email Trends Report 81 Percent of Marketers Already Using Online Video; 52 Percent are Using with Email; 67 Percent Have Posted to Websites and 61 Percent Have Posted to Social Media Sites

Hopkinton, MA, March 19, 2012 --( The Web Video Marketing Council and Flimp Media have just released the results of the Q4-2011 Video Marketing Survey of more than 270 interactive marketing professionals. The white paper report reveals that most marketers are already using video for online marketing and that 64 percent of marketers plan to increase their video marketing budget in 2012. According to the recent survey, online video use increased to 81 percent of marketers during 2011 and 52 percent of marketers said they were using video with email marketing programs in 2011.

In general, surveyed marketers were very optimistic about the performance of video with email, as 88 percent indicated that integrating video with email marketing has had a positive effect on their email marketing efforts. In addition, 72 percent believed that buyers were more likely to purchase or convert after viewing an email campaign that incorporated video. Only one percent of marketers surveyed indicated that video had a negative effect on their email marketing efforts. In light of these results it was surprising that 35 percent of marketers said their email service provider did not offer a video marketing solution and 44 percent did not know if their email provider offered a video marketing solution.

The survey was conducted by the Web Video Marketing Council in conjunction with Flimp Media in Q4 of 2011. The study queried more than 270 interactive marketing professionals who “have marketing oversight responsibilities in their role” in order to gain insights into current marketing practices and perceptions regarding video-based email marketing. The survey results and 2011 Video Email Marketing Trends Report are available for download here: Online Video Marketing Survey.pdf

Speaking about the survey, Paul Ritter, Director of Strategic Programs for the Web Video Marketing Council commented: "We knew that there was strong interest among marketers in online video marketing, and specifically email marketing, but were surprised by the current adoption levels over 80 percent and the overwhelming sentiment that video email increases click thru rates and purchases. This is definitely a strong online marketing trend to watch.”

The survey also asked marketers what they think are the most effective ways to deploy video with email and what they believe are the primary barriers to using video with email marketing. “At the top of the list of barriers cited by marketers for using video in email marketing was not having readily available video assets to use in their campaigns,” reports Ritter. “We fully expect this number to drop over the course of the year with the increasing availability of high megapixel cameras that are becoming more available on devices such as iPads and Smartphones that can produce high quality video content. There will always be a need for high production value videos involving a camera crew and professional editors.”

Wayne Wall, CEO of Flimp Media, a co-producer of the survey said “There seems to be a consensus of belief among marketers that video produces higher email engagement and response rates. Since 2008 we have conducted well over a thousand video marketing campaigns for clients using trackable video email postcards for lead generation and communications. Our aggregate marketing data shows an average viewer engagement time of 1.3 minutes, response rates averaging 23 percent and email click thru rates well over 30 percent when deploying video with email marketing.”

Download the 2011 Video Email Marketing Survey Data and Industry Trends Report
Access the survey results and download the 2011 Video Email Trends Report from this link: Online Video Marketing Survey.pdf

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