Sprinkler Buddy, the New Sprinkler Head "Donut" in Town

RyRo Inc. Releases New Lawn Care Product, Sprinkler Buddy, That Promises Not to Bury Itself like the Concrete Donut Sprinkler Head Guard.

Williston, FL, March 18, 2012 --(PR.com)-- RyRo Inc. releases Sprinkler Buddy, a new sprinkler head protector that promises better results than the standard concrete "donut" sprinkler head protector/guard. Creator and Lawn Care Professional Leo Gauthier III states, "Many online distributors quit offering the concrete donuts due to breakage during shipping and handling. Unlike the concrete donuts, you don’t have to protect the Sprinkler Buddy like a carton of eggs on the way home." Sprinkler Buddy is also less expensive to ship due to its lighter weight compared to the concrete sprinkler protectors.

According to Mr. Gauthier, Sprinkler Buddy has unique features that set it apart from the old competitor. It’s:

Made in America from 100 percent recycled materials
Flexible and easily installed in four steps
Custom fits to any shaft diameter and provides a secure foundation at ground level
Highly heat resistant as well as cold resistant
Funnel like shape helps prevent grass from taking over the sprinkler head and keeps the sprinkler head visible in between cuts with little maintenance

Mr. Gauthier mentions his experience in Lawn Care as the motivation behind the product. “I got the idea while walking the grounds of an apartment complex to bid on its lawn care maintenance. Many of the sprinkler heads were broken or installed a little too high above ground level. Some were in dips or valleys in the lawn where the mower tires would damage them on a regular basis. The moment I got the idea of the Sprinkler Buddy, I knew it would solve many of the problems with underground irrigation systems. Keeping sprinkler heads visible is the key to avoid running over them during routine lawn maintenance.”

Leo Gauthier III is a lawn care professional with twenty years of experience. In 1997, he started his own lawn care business in his hometown of Williston, FL. Mr. Gauthier founded the web based company, RyRo Inc, in 2009. Sprinkler Buddy is the first product to be released from RyRo Inc.

For questions and promotional information, visit the company website at http://www.sprinklerbuddy.com or email Leo Gauthier III at info@sprinklerbuddy.com.
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Leo Gauthier III