New Lending Guidelines Benefit the Car Audio Group

The new lending guidelines in China improve the lending environment for green companies like the Car Audio Group.

Shenzhen, China, March 19, 2012 --( Knowing the current difficult business environment faced by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in China, the government released new lending guidelines to facilitate loans to the subjected companies, under the condition that these SMEs are from green industries, such as the car audio industry.

According to the guidelines of the China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC), commercial lenders, including the major commercial banks in China, are required to decrease the loan quota to the non-green industries, which are of high pollution, excessive capacity and high energy consumption. For green companies, the CBRC urges banks to provide more favorable policies to support their projects.

Joseph Lee, a senior officer of the Car Audio Group at, fancied these new guidelines. He tended to believe that these guidelines would encourage bankers to increase loans to green SMEs.

According to Joseph Lee, a manufacturer of the car audio products was considered to be a green enterprise, as the production line for the car stereo was non-labor-density and the machines of which required low energy consumption.

The Car Audio Group explained that there was less pollution made during the car radio production, as most parts and materials of an auto radio were environmentally friendly. Workforce on the production line was small, as most processes for a car audio were done automatically by machines.

With the new Guidelines, the Car Audio Group is leading the team to facilitate the commercial lenders to green enterprise evaluations.

Under the instructions of CBRC, bankers were required to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the green companies for higher loan quota, which included the clients’ environmental and social risks. They would introduce a rating system to determine a client’s access to loans.

Joseph is currently working with the teams in major banks for the application. He is providing full documents and certificates regarding domestic and international projects by the Car Audio Group, to prove their qualification for the new loans.

Information from the Car Audio Group showed that their current international projects of car stereo products complied with the local security, health care and environmental requirements.

Joseph believed that the new guidelines would help car audio suppliers to get more funds to maintain the business under the current weakening global economy.

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