Car Audio Group’s Domestic Online Retail Sales Boomed in February

With a successful sales campaign, the Car Audio Group’s domestic online retail sales increased a lot in February. - March 17, 2013

Car Audio Group’s Exportation to India Shrinks

With the decreasing car demand in India, the Car Audio Group’s exported sales of car stereo products decreased in the Indian market. - September 28, 2012

Car Audio Group Plans to Make New Car Audio for Green Vehicles

The Car Audio Group developed new designs of car audio products to earn a bigger market share, as the Shenzhen government just announced a plan to expand new-energy vehicles on roads. - April 10, 2012

New Lending Guidelines Benefit the Car Audio Group

The new lending guidelines in China improve the lending environment for green companies like the Car Audio Group. - March 19, 2012

Car Audio Group Urges More Supporting Policies for SMEs in China

SMEs in China are facing difficulties in further development due to the weakening global demand amid rising labor and material costs. Car Audio Group, as a deputy in the car audio industry, urged more supporting policies to help SMEs. - February 25, 2012

Car Audio Group Views the Prospect as China Retained Auto Sales Crown

Car Audio Group is expecting booming business for car audio suppliers this year, as China remained the largest auto sales market in the world. - February 21, 2012

Car Audio Group Focuses on Product Innovation to Meet New Standards for C-NCAP

New Car Assessment Program’s new standards are announced, which will bring in sweeping reforms and innovation in the car industry and industries of car accessories. Car Audio Group is expecting a fierce competition in the industry on upgrading safety level. - February 21, 2012

Car Audio Group Launched New Strategies to Meet the New Car Tax Law in China

Car Audio Group decided to launch new strategies to boom car audio sales under the new car tax law in China. - January 29, 2012

Car Audio Group Adopts a New Web Platform for Business Development

As an original car audio supplier in China, Car Audio Group has launched a new web platform to deliver original car audio sourcing solutions to global clients. - January 16, 2012

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