Better Than Bunnies and Chocolate Eggs for Easter...a Gift About Christ

Two new books are perfect gifts for Easter....books about Christ: Proof that Jesus Is God and Quizzes About Jesus. Available now at

Chicago, IL, March 20, 2012 --( Why scamper around like a harried bunny looking for the perfect gift for friends and family for Easter? Skip the sugar highs and fuzzy toys. Give a gift that focuses on Christ and His words.

In casual, easy-to-read language, Proof that Jesus Is God: A Logic of Scripture Approach to Documenting the Divinity of Christ (Proof) relies on God's word as relayed through the Gospels to provide unequivocal proof that Jesus Is God. This startling publication connects the logic of God's Word with the logic of human minds in a way that causes doubters to say "I get it," and believers to delight in the clarity of its revelations.

While the book has only been out a few months, pastors from churches with 20 to 20,000 members are heaping praise on it. And lay people, believers and doubters alike, already are welcoming it with open eyes and open hearts.

The author, Art Klein, is an ordained minister, four-times Book of the Month Club author and nationally designated prayer leader for the Reformed Church in America. His first work about Jesus, Spinning Jesus, became an off-Broadway theatrical production, Prophecy of Isaiah.

For details about both books, to purchase, or to read a chapter of Proof free, visit:

It is appropriate for teens throughout adulthood. And it is now joined by a companion book, Quizzes About Jesus: How Well Do You Know Him? (Quizzes), which may be appropriate for those as young as ten and above. It's been a smashing success in adult Bible Study Classes. Quizzes focuses on the heart of who Jesus is, not on the memorization of facts or details. It is intriguing, engaging and enlightening.
Proof About Jesus Press
Kathy Riemer