Raceslip Brings Drag Racing Into Digital Age

Free Social Media Website Promises to “Overhaul the Drag-Racing World.”

Dallas, TX, March 20, 2012 --(PR.com)-- New social-networking website, www.raceslip.com, launched in the Dallas/Fort Worth market on March 10, bringing with it a modernized approach to drag racing.

Raceslip works with participating tracks to register a drag racer’s time slips to their cell phone and the website — the minute they are recorded at the track. Users can challenge their friends to races, share their results with friends, keep records of their racing statistics, and keep up with news in the Raceslip forums.

According to Eric Hughes, President and Co-Founder of Raceslip, “Most sports out there have kept up with the times, but drag racing essentially hasn’t. Before Raceslip, paper time slips were the only way you could compare racing performance with your friends. As fans of the sport, my partners and I knew that if we could bring modern technology to racetracks, we could change the face of racing. Through social media, we believe Raceslip will bring this sport out of the dark ages and overhaul the drag-racing world.”

Jared Guynes, who runs popular automotive website www.ricekiller.com, claims Raceslip is “the biggest evolution to drag racing in 50 years.” Early adopters of Raceslip.com are buzzing with excitement, with such reviews as, “Best idea ever.” and “It’s like Foursquare, Facebook, and DragTimes all in one. Cool concept.”

Once established in the DFW area, Raceslip plans to partner with tracks nationwide. For more information or to sign up free of charge, please visit www.raceslip.com.

Founded in March 2012, Raceslip’s mission is to revolutionize the drag-racing world. Anyone can sign up free at www.raceslip.com and create their own virtual garage. Raceslip is a privately held corporation based out of Dallas, Texas.
Clint Davis