MyTechGurus Offers Tech Support for Windows 8

From pioneering quality tech support for Microsoft operating systems, MyTechGurus now extends its service base to the Windows 8 suite. The well-trained tech support team at MyTechGurus is raring to go and will provide apt, comprehensive solutions to users.

Greenwich, CT, March 21, 2012 --( MyTechGurus is one of the fastest growing companies worldwide to provide tech support for operating systems. Leveraging the expertise of its highly experienced team, MyTechGurus is now offering assistance to users of Windows 8 as well. Windows 8 is all set to be released at the end of the year, and there are very high expectations among users. The beta version is out, triggering a wave of speculation about Windows 8. The situation calls for real-time expertise and here’s where MyTechGurus comes into the picture.

“Our association with Microsoft’s Windows operating systems has been ongoing and long-term. Our competent tech support team has provided assistance to more than tens of thousands customers to date,” says James Sanchez, public relations officer and spokesperson, MyTechGurus. The long-standing association means that the techies are well versed in the application and the work settings of Windows, making them ideal candidates to provide Windows 8 support solutions. The company offers round-the-clock support to its users. This means that when Windows 8 comes into operation, users from all around the world can contact MyTechGurus any time for immediate solutions.

Windows 8 requires seasoned professionals as it uses advanced technology and a new interface, along with additional touch screen functions that require expert help. The technical skills of the staff at MyTechGurus have earned them customers from all around the world, with a strong base in the US, the UK, Canada and Australia. MyTechGurus’ Microsoft-certified professionals are familiar with earlier versions of the Windows operating systems and will now take it up a notch to serve Windows 8 users. A comprehensive tech support package is assured to users for any issues related to the Windows 8 operating system.

The company guarantees quick fix solutions 24x7, which is ideal for users as a reliable and efficient support team is only a call away, any time. MyTechGurus has about tens of thousands satisfied customers worldwide, making them the most suitable troubleshooters for Windows 8. Their far-reaching, satisfied customer base speaks for itself.

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